Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 32

.Tango Therapy Around the World Tango therapy has become a worldwide phenomena. It has been used for the treatment of everything from depression and alzheimers to Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Recently, several notable medical research institutes have recognized its efficacy. A few of them are presented here. According to new research conducted by a multidiciplinary research team at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center., tango therapy is being used to restore balance for cancer patients with neuropathy. the dance has the potential to significantly improve balance and reduce risk of falling among cancer patients experiencing peripheral neuropathy, The pilot study was funded by Pelotonia, a grassroots cycling event, Pelotoni, in Columbus, Ohio, that has raised more than $106 million for cancer research, at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute. A Pelotonia fellow and pre-medicine and dance major, Mimi Lamantia and physical rehabilitation faculty member, Lise Worthen-Chaudhari, collaborated on these movement studies at the Wexner Medical Center’s Neurological Institute, . The study addressed one of the prevalent side effect of cancer treatment — neuropathy. Up to 70 percent of patients treated with chemotherapy will experience peripheral neuropathy as a side effect of cancer treatment. The condition can cause loss of sensation in the hands, fingers, feet and toes. One in three patients will still experience this problem six months post treatment ࠥ&W6V&6W'26rFW&WW&FFRfVW@BFW26&RW7V6ǒ&&VF2&V6W6R@ffV7G2W'6( 2&6RBvBF2WG2FVVWfFVBf&6vVFW&RVvvrFǐƖfR7FfFW2गN( 2&rFV&V6W6R&RVP&R7W'ffr66W"FVƖrvFFR77VW2FB7BW'6( 2VƗGbƖfPgFW"66W"2WG&VVǒ'FB2F6W"7GVGFR'BbfVVBB0&V67BB&V&ƗFF66VF7@7GVGFRFBFR66V6RbfVVBvRFVvBFBBvVB&RvW&gV6&FFWBF6RFvWFW"FG'FV66W"7W'ff'2( BƗ6Rv'FV6VF&FWfVFRFRVffV7BbFvFR&V66&VF7F'2bf&6r66W"7W'ff'2FWFW6vVBF6RFW'fVF6W'6RFBffVBGvVG6W762bFFVBFvFVG0'F6FVBRW"6W762Gv6RvVVf"FVvVV2FR&W6V&6W'2V7W&VBFVG>( 7FFr7GW&7vvF6WFW"FVBf&6PFf&BFR&VvrBB6WFbFPFVvVV2b7G'V7F࠮( B3( @F7V'67&&R6Ɩ6W&P