Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 31

Catherine: I always liked trying something new. I am interested in musical exploration in all directions, from classical music, to contemporary americana, even to folk music of Native American cultures. I like tango very much, and I had no problem at all trying something very different from Les Rita Mitsouko. Quite the opposite. In both Les Rita Mitsouko and Plaza Francia, I sing and dramatically act in live performances, and in both contexts I am a soloist singer surrounded by musicians and their music. MTW: How was singing in Spanish and expressing the typical tango emotional content? Catherine: Learning Eduardo’s lyrics was hard, but I also had a lot of fun. Singing in another language is a challenge I gladly accept, despite all my pronunciation issues! But I think it is OK for people to listen to peculiar accents from time to time. MTW: What can you tell us about your future? Eduardo & Christoph: Future is always hard to tell! We are producing a new Plaza Francia album, which will be quite different from this one. More specifically, there will be more than one singer in it, it will explore tango dancing more, while keeping its distance from club settings, and it will probably be more freely made, much less close to tango and pop-rock tradition. We are also planning to work together with young musicians from traditional tango and tango nuevo scenes. We are currently in a stage of great creative and productive action. MTW: And we at Modern Tango World can’t wait to hear your next works! Catherine, Eduardo and Christoph, thanks for talking to us about this wonderful experience! — 29 — To Subscribe, Click here