Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 30

MTW: How do you create your music? Most of the time, I bring a basic idea of how the sound of the song could be. Then, Eduardo, our Christoph: Most ideas for Plaza Francia songs tango specialist, develops some melodies and are born by brainstorming processes during creative chords, giving the overall result a distinct tango feel. sessions with Eduardo. We try to figure out how to combine tango and pop-rock and experimented MTW: Speaking of tango, a very important quesvarious ideas. For example, sometimes Eduardo tion for our readers. Do you consider the music of suggests some crossover guitar riff which could Plaza Francia to be suitable for dancing? work for both styles and we started from there, or I came out with a musical idea on which we worked Eduardo: You can surely dance to Plaza Frantogether by adding melodies. cia music, even though it was not our first purpose in making it, as happens for tango canción. Surely, we create our music thinking about physical dimensions, and tango is dance music by definition. Nonetheless, our first aim was to suggest a new kind of tango canción. MTW: Catherine, how did you meet Eduardo and Christoph? Catherine: I met Eduardo and Christoph after their Gotan Project experience. I always liked their music, and one day I received a phone call from Eduardo, asking me if I would be interested in singing for a tango project he was developing with various artists. I answered that I could try and see if we would like each other in an artistic point of view. I liked very much both the project itself and the musicians involved. After our second session, Eduardo and Christoph asked me if I would sing not just one song, but all of them, thus creating a much greater project together. This happened in a perfect moment in my career. I was ready for a new artistic adventure, taking a break from studio composition and being an interpreter in a much different context than the one I was used to. So I accepted. Truth is, as they said, all went out very naturally. MTW: How did it happen that an alternative artist as yourself got involved in a new tango project? — 28 — To Subscribe, Click here