Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 29

Our challenge was to take a step back, returning a bit to tradition with pop-rock music influences, while taking a step forward doing so, for we were creating something new. First idea was to create an album with various singers from the pop and rock scenes, with no Argentine accent on their voice, to deepen the musical fusion even further. We called on a lot of famous singers. One of them was Catherine Ringer. As a matter of fact, Plaza Francia and our debut album A New Tango Song Book turned out to be the result of tango meeting pop-rock and of us meeting Catherine. We soon realized that her voice was the one we were looking for, and started to write music and lyrics for her peculiar vocal style. All went out very naturally, without applying any particular business strategy. MTW: How does Plaza Francia differ from Gotan Project? Eduardo: While Gotan Project did involve singing, we were mostly influenced by electronic music, which is primarily instrumental in nature. Vocal parts and lyrics are the fundamental difference in Plaza Francia compositions, which are much more close to pop-rock than to electronica. Furthermore, while we do develop our compositions via electronic production, the instrumental parts in Plaza Francia songs were all played by actual musicians in studio. The overall result has a very acoustic feel to it, closer to tradition than all Gotan Project productions. In live performances we let ourselves more electronic manipulation freedom, mostly because it would be pretty difficult to always have all the musicians that played with us for the album on stage. MTW: What are the most typical contents of your lyrics? Eduardo: Each songs tells a story of its own, but the most peculiar point is that all is always seen from a woman’s point of view. For example, the first single of the album, La mano encima, is about a woman victim of violence by her man. She loves him but, rightfully loving herself much more, takes the painful decision to leave him. In the song’s video, this story is told by tango dancing. Secreto tells about a secret which, being so, is never revealed in the song. All is left to the listener’s interpretation. Reading the lyrics, for example, such secret could be as well an hidden homosexuality. La Misión is a very personal song of mine, talking about my mission of bringing tango into today’s world. Cada Vez is about a mature woman who feels a return to youth by the power of a new-born love. Generally speaking, contents combine contemporary matters with traditional tango inspiration: love in all its forms, betrayal, travelling, nostalgia for home. — 27 — To Subscribe, Click here