Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 24

Visual Tango Poetry Murat Erdemsel Murat Erdemsel is gifted with an insightful, thorough and analytical understanding of the dance. He started his journey with tango in Istanbul, 1998. Murat’s background in fine arts and music has provided him with the perfect blend of senses for the movement of bodies through time and space. He followed his parents path to art school. He established himself as an artist before studying painting at the graduate school in George Washington University. His art works may be found in major collections in Europe and in the States. The original paintings are acrylic medium on canvas.You may order exceptional quality of giclee prints on either canvas or on high quality photo paper. For more information about Murat, visit his website at: Poema Inspired by a tango song from Francisco Canaro Orchestra, 1935 — 22 — To Subscribe, Click here