Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 16

You should also visit the Borja Restaurant, where Emilia Borja and Pedro Antuñano host El Traspié, a cozy milonga where a lot of dancers from different places go to dance. A four hours west of Querétaro lies Guadalajara, where dancer and teacher Güera Ascencio resides and the collective group, La Vagoneta Tanguera. They have been responsible for the growing number tango milongas, shows, and classes not only in Guadalajara, but also in other parts of Jalisco. Whoever has been touch by tango will agree with me about the necessity of a good milonga to be seduced for some hours under the spell of the 2x4 compas. And this is the reason behind of La Vagoneta Tanguera ­— Verónica Peinado co-conspirators in La Vagoneta With just a handful of events and milongas, Guadalajara is potentially the next big place for tango in Mexico. It doesn’t hurt that the city is beautiful, the people amiable and the food truly excellent. Another two hour drive through the beautiful landscape of Jalisco and Guanajuato, you will find a small but very energetic community of dancers, Leon. Eduardo Delgado and Ursula Carranza are two very active organizers of classes and shows, hosts of the latest milonga. Ojitos Verdes. A couple hours to the north is San Luis Potosí with a lot of tango activity to offer. La Primera is a monthly milonga hosted by Alice Sánchez and Miguel Duque. There is also Tango Libre, a monthly an itinerant milonga hosted by Héctor Hernández, Mónica Fragoso, and Fátima Martínez. Finally, there is La Garufa well located in the historical center of the city. In the north of the country, Durango has a growing and very youthful community of tango dancers. Cecy Alvarado and Roberto Ruiz have practices and classes almost every day. For a good milonga, you can go to Casa de Tango Vieja Luna, a dedicated place for tango where Jasel Bermudez and Daniel Hipólito hosts Vieja Luna Milonga. In the the corner of Mexico liesTijuana, surely one the best places to go on vacations. It is also one of the best places in Mexico for tango. In Tijuana, Vanessa Piri hosts of Milonga Querida at the Casa de la Cultura Playas, just south of the border in the famous neighborhood of Playas Tijuana. Another cultural center, the imposing Cecut, offers its lobby for classes, practices, and milongas. Be sure to contact Sin Fronteras-Tijuana Tango to keep in touch with all the activities that take place in Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada and San Diego. — 14 — To Subscribe, Click here