Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 14

A New Generation Mauricio Salvador With a new plethora of tango all over Mexico, this is a tiny guide to a handful of milongas and festivals that maybe you might enjoy on your next trip to our country. Maybe I should start by clarifying what a new generation means for tango in Mexico. It is certainly not an age group, or a group of dancers with a particular style or objection to the previous generation who laid the very foundations of what we now enjoy so much. Instead, it is something more vague, like an energy, a predisposition for trying new things and challenging the current situation. As such, the tango scene in Mexico is energetic and vibrant. But, it is also unpredictable. Milongas are born with the same frequency that they die. Sometimes, it seems that teachers and professionals outnumber the milongueros. However, the tango movement in Mexico is very real. Right now, you can expect to find a true community of tango dancers in Mexico City, as well as in the most important cities of the country. But once you are in, you will discover that is not easy to attract potential new tango dancers, even in this country where people really like to dance for every occasion. Firstly, you have the obvious cultural barriers. Most dancing people in Mexico are not active listeners of tango, even if the music has been present since the first decades of the twentieth century. The second problem is to locate a place with milongas. In Mexico, the big, well-adapted venues for dancing are already taken by the more profitable rhythms like salsa or cumbia. With that in mind, you’ll understand why most of the Mexican milongas seem not well planned. and why the parks and some other open and public spaces emerge as the favorite places to dance tango. Competing with the tropical rhythms for spaces, tango has needed to appropriate its own places — parks, cantinas, apartments, houses, wherever you can fit a laptop and a couple of speakers. Breaking through the inertia from the past years, the current tango scene is not limited to the traditional places anymore. From south to north, tango enthusiasts are finding new places to dance. Each one has its own character and personality. Most of them are hosted by young professional and milonguero dancers. Above all, this new generation wants to share their passion for tango. This new generation does not want to control what happens in the Mexican tango scene. Instead, they want to give back what every milonguero has once felt, the gift of a real embrace. In the last couple of years, Luciano Brigante and Alejandra Orozco have been the responsible for putting the words Mexico and Tango together. They are not only the most accomplished tango couple in Mexico, they also host two of the most important festivals in Mexico. The Tango Chilango Fest attracts many foreign dancers to the tango scene in Mexico City. Tango Maya Fest is held in Cancun, every year. It has been growing each year, and has become a necessary stop for international teachers. Also, Luciano and Alejandra host Milonga del Ángel, a monthly milonga in the south of the city. — 12 — To Subscribe, Click here