Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 12

Los Pibes The group organized by Ricky Requejo, has a traditional lineup of musicians: Javier Ortega (voice), Ricky Requejo (guitar), Roberto Montes (violin), Rodolfo Vazquez (bandoneon) and David Barrera (bass). The music is enfused with DJ beats and sequences, and the addition of multimedia projections, video images of couples dancing for visual effects. Their work also includes some acoustic pieces, to suit the different tastes and preferences of their diverse audience. They have recorded a couple of albums. Grandes varones del Tango was nominated for the Grammy for best tango album of 2012, and Efecto Tango, 2015. They are currently working on a third CD, Exotique Tango. Violentango México and Porteños Aires are a pair of groups that are led by Rodolfo Bautista. It is wise to surmise that both groups are united by some common characteristics. But, they are also separated by differences in their aproaches to tango. Violentango Mexico is an artistic work dedicated to the interpretation of experimental compositions by the Piazzolla Octet of Buenos Aires, with a background of piano, electric guitar, bass, flute and accordion. Porteños Aires is a group with an unusual sound, But, that was molded from a rigorous interpretation of a wide range of composers, even when they foray into the own compositions. Their unique instrumentation is composed of vibraphone, percussion, bass, accordion, flute and violin. Their most ambitious work is the realization of a suite, Apprentice Tango. This work is a performance that includes music, dance, poetry and theater. Infectango is a Cancun based quintet. It was born in 2013 as a duo of piano and voice to encourage the milongas were held in the area. Gradually they integrated other musicians to complete the current roster of Mario Delgadillo (piano), — 10 — To Subscribe, Click here