Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 11

Orquesta Mexicana de Tango has been a major influence of tango musicians in Mexico. Led by Cesar Olguin, all of its members are Mexican nationals, including the director, who was Argentine-born but naturalized to Mexican citizenship. The group debuted in July 2008 and, despite the difficulty of coordinating so many musicians with their other activities, Cesar has been able to have several performances each year in major venues, most notably the Nezahualcoyotl Amphitheater of the College of San Ildefonso, of the Lunario the National Auditorium and the City Theatre. They have recorded four albums — Orchestra Mexicana Tango (2009), Tango of Mexico (2010), Tango you did me wrong (2013) and Silence. We are OMT (2016). In these productions, they constantly evolved, crossing between the disciplined interpretation of themes that are old, modern and contemporary. Their repertoire is drawn from multiple sources, and even unusual oddities, such as Tango for Piano by Igor Stravinsky and compositions by some of their members, such as Tango Third by René Torres, I Play for You by Paul Ahmad, and Eighteen Hundred and Ninety Nine by Cesar Olguin. With few modifications or additions to their original lineup, they have maintained the traditional format of orquesta tipica. Their lineup is Cesar Olguin (bandoneon), Clara Stern (bandoneon), Raul Vizzi (bandoneon), Citlali Arroyo (violin), César Solis (violin),, Alejandro Flores (bandoneon & violin), Roberto Montes (violin), Nadia Cano (violin), Viera Khovilaguina (violin), Frania Mayorquín (piano), Mario Cortés (bass), Pablo Ahmad (vocals) and Freddy Potenza (vocals). Their sound is a friendly combination that is the most representative of the tango genre. One of its main attractions is the fact it is the only Mexican orquesta tipica. Entretango Quintet was formed in 2003, as a trio of students from the National School of Music — now the Faculty of Music of the UNAM. They were formed as an ensemble dedicated to playing tango as part of a school project. As time passed, some of the members left and others joined. Tango Nuevo Eventually [ LK^HܛYYH]Z[]وX[[[Z]\\[Xܙ[ۋXܙ[ۚ\\[؛Y\\XYH][^H[\˜[ۙ[ۋ[Y][ۋH]Z[]\[Y\\[[ \KY]\H Z]\K\“X]\ X[H[Z\]Y\^ [[K^H[YܙYH]\܈X^H\Z\[X\H[\][ۈ[HX\ۈ܈Z\[\\[[ˈ^B[]Z\\[[K]H\\ K\Y^\][HوX^x&\]\Xˈ[X\ LK][][Xܙ[ۋ^HXZ]YB\XH[HU[\][ۘ[X\[\]][ۋ[[\][ \XKX\]Y[K^B[ܜܘ]YH[ۙ[ۋ[Y[][H[H]]ۈY[]K^H\HX\[šY[YH[]][XY^X[]܈و[]][H]X[]Y\وHY][ۘ[[ˈ^B]H[X[HXYH[\\Y[H\ˈZ\[X[Xܙ[\[]Y[B[[\ˈ]\[H[X[ۈوY^X[[YH[\ܝ[Y][ۘ[YX\[ܚY[[\][ۜH۝[\ܘ\H\\˂H\\[[Y[Y\Y[]YH[H\[\[][\ۙHقHۙ\[[[[[Y^X˂[T\H\\[]]H[XۚXZ[ق[ˈ^HXHH۝ݙ\X[Z^\H]\˜]XY\[\\[ۜ[[ۙH[ܙHY][ۘ[[[˕H[[\[\][ۜو[Y\\H[ܙH[^\[Y[][ۈ[\[ۋ^H[][H[Tܛ\ [H]YX\›و^\[K]\X\ٝ[H^YY[Y\[\][[H\Y]H]Y\وY^X\[\[]\[ۈܘ[\ˈZ\\ܛX[\\H[XXX˜ۘ\و[HH[\\X]K%x%XܚXKX\B