Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 8

e h t w e n n a je l o po Unraveling the Mysteries of Motorcycle Jeans Denim – the easy, breezy, iconic fashion staple that goes with everything – can be made into jeans or jackets, dressed up or dressed down. When it comes to riding gear, many of us want that same ease but unfortunately, it’s not so simple. Throw on your favorite pair of fashion jeans or denim jacket for a ride, and you leave yourself unprotected and vulnerable. Lucky for us, the women behind brands like Gigi Montrose Moto Couture, Worse for Wear and Stellar Moto Brand are changing the look of the fashionable, well-protected female rider by recognizing that when something is comfortable, fi ts well and LOOKS GOOD, we are more likely to wear it. This is achieved in part by the protec ve tex les they choose to use in their denim moto-gear. Fibers known as para-aramids and ultra-high- molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPe), originally developed for protec ve gear for law enforcement, the military and industrial safety, are being used in today’s denim-inspired protec ve technical tex les specifi c for motorcycling. DuPont™ Kevlar® is probably the most well-known brand of para-aramid fi bers. The fi bers are woven or knit together to create a variety of protec ve tex les used as a protec ve lining in many brands of riding jeans, pants and jackets, including Gigi Montrose Moto Couture. Some manufacturers produce garments that are fully lined with Kevlar, while others are reinforced only in the high-impact zones like the seat, hips, knees, sh