Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 31

What everyone wants to know: does it actually keep you dry? The answer: An astounding YES! A high-back bib with suspenders (who doesn’t love suspenders?) really helps seal the waist off from any creeping moisture. The hood feature rocks if you’re going to wear the jacket a er you’ve taken off your helmet – it makes a great rain jacket even without the motorcycle. The hood even folds up and sits against your neck while riding to keep the rain off of the back of your neck and under the collar – and it really works! The set is also extremely windproof, which helps in the cold. Pink for a purpose: pink is extremely high-viz and proven to be eff ec ve in every environment – urban or rural, in both sun and cloud cover. You can choose the black jacket if you’re not feeling the extra visibility that pink off ers. Both jacket colorways include a retro-refl ec ve panel at mid-torso level, tailbone and upper arms. Sizing and protec on: Both items are sized to fi t OVER your protec ve jacket and pants, so remember, these are not meant for crashing! By: Bri any Morrow, bri 31