Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 29

As a motorcyclist victim in an auto collision, you face very different challenges including proving fault and oftentimes suffering more extensive and serious injuries. As Ron explains, “I ride. I understand that motor- cyclists face unique challenges on the road. I also understand that we sustain much more damage in any given collision than those in a protective cage, and we correspondingly need much more focused help when we are hurt. Most importantly, I know that even if we as riders share no fault in causing the accident, insurance companies and some people will try to blame us just because we were on a motorcycle. That’s wrong, and I won’t let them blame you for riding.” A Note from Ron: Like most other riders, I’m always ready to help fellow riders in need. I’m also a trial a orney, and I’ve focused my law prac ce on helping riders for 25 years. While the bulk of my work revolves around helping riders who have been injured or helping the families of riders who have fallen, I also have a special interest in helping vic ms of criminal conduct. All businesses that are open to the public have an absolute duty to protect you from harm while you are on their property. Sadly, some businesses, especially in the food and lodging industry, cut corners on security, which can result in horrible things happening to good people. I’ve handled those cases, and I can tell you that juries don’t hesitate to hold businesses responsible when an assault or a ack should have been prevented. The most honorable thing I’ve ever seen is those good people standing up for what’s right and holding those businesses accountable so that what happened to them will never happen again. That takes courage. It also takes an a orney who will fi ght for you like you are a member of his or her family. At my law fi rm, you are. If I can ever help you in any way, please do not hesitate to call. Ronald Bone 2 29