Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 25

Life of a Motorcycle Jacket Part 4 of 8 Overhea ng in the Australian Desert Australia - Apart from the animals, there were other things I had never experienced before. The endlessness of the country and the emp ness, especially in the deserts. Before Chantal came to Australia, she only rode bikes on tar-sealed roads. But here, on the red con nent, Madam suddenly felt like asphalt wasn’t enough of an adventure. So, she decided to ride straight through the desert. Some mes, we would travel for hundreds of miles, not seeing a single soul, accompanied only by dust, looking at the horizon kissing red Earth in all direc ons. The desert is unforgiving. The desert is unpredictable. One morning, we would be freezing; later that same day, temperatures could be scorching hot. Chantal’s s cky sweat mixed with the clouds of dust se led in every crease of my once black fabric. Yuck! I didn’t share Chantal’s love for the desert. It made me look like a home less jacket, dusty and dirty. And Chantal’s personal hygiene regime made the whole ordeal even worse. There were no showers in this no man’s land, or so I assumed from Chantal’s habit of having a “baby-wipes-shower.” A er seven days of this, I didn’t only look like a homeless jacket, I smelled like one, too! Chantal A er crossing the Australian Desert 25