Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 24

And while slipping into any of my three leather favorites — the Icon 1000 Federal, the RSD Oxford Ladies Leather or my newest edi on, the Harley- Davidson Pierce 3-in-1 — gives me a feeling unlike any of my mesh or tex le jackets, I was curious to know what “black motorcycle jacket” means to some of the big names in motorcycle fashion. I recently had the pleasure to speak with RSD Apparel Brand Director, Rob Ramlose and Senior Joe Rocket Designer, Angie Sequin, who were each ques oned about the history of the black leather motorcycle jacket and its impact on their brands’ designs today and into the future. For Rob at RSD, hearing the words “black motorcycle jacket” conjures up images of James Dean and Steve McQueen, and “the heydays of the 1950s and 1960s, back when motorsports became an enthusiast point.” When asked about the fundamental characteris cs the black leather moto jacket implies about the wearer, Rob responded, “The guy’s got a bit of an a tude, is confi dent, is probably into a specifi c type of music and into a specifi c classic look and feel.” Similarly, “images of Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, The Ramones and runway models” spring to mind when Angie of Joe Rocket envisions the black leather motorcycle jacket. Going further, Angie said, “The classic black leather motorcycle jacket embodies the spirit of freedom, power and adrenaline. The jacket is like your armor; it provides protec on and gives you confi dence.” Both brands agree the Perfecto is and will con nue to be a design infl uencer into the future. Angie elaborated by saying, “The Perfecto's infl uence has been profound in more than just our industry; its infl uence has had a strong representa on in the music industry, fashion industry and as a sort of uniform for youth. This jacket has managed to stay relevant throughout mul ple genera ons and yet con nues to maintain its reputa on as the rebel.” As far as what the future holds for the leather moto jacket, Rob said, “At RSD, we are constantly looking at leather quali es and are constantly pushing our suppliers to come up with new colors, textures and design.” Both brands also agree that the future of the leather motorcycle jacket revolves around technology. RSD envisions this as standard armor on all jackets, added zip ven la ons and technically advanced liner fabrics. Conversely, Joe Rocket’s Angie sees “a day when something that looks as classic as the Perfecto is climate controlled through measuring the rider's body temperature and tracking elevated heart rate. No pulling over to mess around with zip vents or pull out a rain suit. The jacket is intui ve with the rider and responds to the outdoor climate. I love the idea of a jacket that looks completely authen c and classic but is hiding so many exci ng technical features inside.” Mouth whe ed for the next genera on of leather-clad moto badassery, it will be exci ng to see what our favorite brands come up with next. By: Jessica Van den Ancker, 24