Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 22

HISTORY OF A The Leather Motorcycle Flawless black leather. Your heart nearly skips a beat when you slide it off of the hanger, and your breath slightly hitches as you shrug it onto your shoulders. Strong enough to protect you, yet supple enough that you long for weather suitable to don it, even if you’re not riding. The consummate combina on of sexy and badass, it may even evoke feelings of invulnerability — un l climbing aboard your bike snatches you back to reality. It’s THE one. THE only. Classic. Leather. Motorcycle. Jacket. Before this American icon was born, soldiers, pilots and tank corps wore its predecessor during WWI. However, a standard military design didn't exist un l 1927, when the U.S. Army Air Corps (now the U.S. Air Force) introduced the A-1 fl ight jacket to its pilots pre- WWII. Now known as the “bomber jacket,” the waist- length A-1 was cra ed from thick brown goatskin and featured wool accents at the collar, waistband and cuff s, fastening with bu ons instead of a zipper. The A-1 transi oned to the A-2 in 1931 when it arrived on the scene with a zip-up front and pointed collar. Not to be le out of the military game, Scho NYC designed the B-3 jacket for WWII bomber pilots. Similar in style to the A-2, the B-3 was heavier and fully lined with fl eece for warmth during high-al tude bombing runs. Yet it was the Scho Perfecto that emblazoned its way to icon status in 1953 when Brando’s Johnny Strabbler donned it in “The Wild One.” In fact, if you can imagine a me when YKKs were not the norm, zippers were absent from coats un l the mid-1920s. The pioneer of the zippered jacket was Irving Scho of Scho NYC. Soon a er, Scho NYC revolu onized outerwear by introducing zippered closures, Irvin XY]Y[\; H ܙXHHX]\[ܘXHX][ NL [YYH\\™]ܚ]HY\H\X&\XK[^Y\Y۝Y][\[[Y]X[\ ]Y[[BYܝ[H[HܛXYY[Hۋ\]B]H[YZ\Y\]X\[H[XKBX]܈ KL ]Z[XH܈\\HHH[\^KQ]Yۈ\X]܋]X\XY\وHXX[X\[B\XۜܙY[[[Y\X[X\[ۙB ܙY[HܚY]HوH; H[ܘXHX] \\Y [Z[H[H[وH\X[XX\[\[X[[XYX\\˜XܛH[H\]X]Y]]HX\]Z]\šY[[HH[وH\XY{ H[\YP&\ HX\[HX]\X]8&\™[Hۈ[[ܘXH\[ۈ\ܞHY; H[BY[[Y[Y Y[X]\Y]H NML˜[ NM\[ܙX\\\\Y{ HY