Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 21

The Square Knot Hold On Tight! When you need a trusty, secure knot, this one won’t budge. I use this most in my tailoring work because, when done properly, the square knot cannot be undone without cu ng. A wizened seamstress taught me this one. Uses: hand sewing e off , e off machine s tched darts, securing leather cords, elas c. Method: “Right over le , le over right. Put ‘em together and pull ght!” Hold the threads taught and within your forearm’s reach. Make the loops as small as your fi ngers will hold to keep the knot clean and sturdy. Cross the right-hand cord, over the le -hand cord. Then, cross the le -hand cord over the right-hand cord. Pull taught. If the tails are very long, hold closer to the knot like making a ght hair braid. Repeat to achieve a larger knot. Prac ce and have fun. Once that muscle memory kicks in, you’ll be tying scout- worthy knots all over the place. Enjoy the power of knots! Visit for helpful videos. By: Karleen Eberle, Contest Alert! Try any Modern Moto DIY, post a video or pics to Instagram or Facebook using #ModMotoDIY and tag us for a chance to win free gear! Instagram/modern_moto Facebook/modernmotomag 21