Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 20

Tying Up Loose Ends Something I love about my motorbike is feeling momentum propel me forward. I imagine that I’m rota ng around the globe expanding in rhythm with the universe. The wind, sunshine, light dancing through the trees feels like the ul mate harmony between “feelings” and physics. Now, as I’m pondering the phenomenon of momentum, I don’t like to wear a backpack, and I certainly don’t like to have straps fl apping in the wind all loosey-goosey! Even for short trips to the farmer’s market and cafe, I e and strap down my bag fas diously. With prac ce, mastering a few basic knots is easy-breezy; plus, they will come in handy for countless cra y projects! Here are three versa le knots to get you started. Half-Hitch Decora ve & Useful I have a vivid memory of my dad teaching me the half-hitch as we were securing the family boat to the trailer with ratchet straps. I said, “Dad, I already know the half-hitch. It’s how you make those cool bracelets!” You can easily un e a clean half- hitch, it’s so slick on nylon straps. One of my favorites to e! So, next me you need to trailer your bike or secure a cargo bag, bust out the half-hitch to secure and clean up those straps! Or, hey, make some friendship bracelets! Uses: securing and shortening excess strap or cord, e down straps, bag straps, shorten the strap on a bike cover, tarp/tent ropes, etc. Cra s: dreamcatchers, friendship bracelets (you know the ones), hemp necklaces and fi shing line! Method: “The 4 Knot” You can do this with a single cord or 2 cords. Take the le -hand cord and shape it into a “4,” crossing the le -hand cord on top of the right. Here is the “4” shape. Loop the le cord behind the right-hand cord, pull through the middle of the 4, toward your body. Pull toward your body to close the 4, then slide up to secure. That is one complete “half-hitch.” Repeat as needed to shorten your cord or achieve decora ve eff ect. The Slip Knot Natural Slack I use this knot almost every day. My sailor buddy helped me perfect and trust this knot. It allows natural slack, preven ng rope weakening and becomes stronger when resistance is applied – such as wind. This knot releases instantly in an urgent situa on so it is good to hold things in place temporarily. I e my backpack straps with a slip knot, then fold the pack neatly under a bungee mesh. This gets me around daily. I have also ed gas cans and totes of farmers market produce to a cargo basket with slip knots. It can even be handy for mundane things, like ge ng to your water bo le inside your bag. Uses: Straps or ropes you want to quickly release, straps that will be exposed to opposing resistance, temporarily securing pack straps, sailboat lines and many kni ng/cra uses. Method: Form a loop with your right hand, leave at least a 6” tail. Grab the tail in the middle and pull it up through the fi rst loop. Pull snug with the right hand. Don’t overthink this one. To release the knot, pull one end of the tail. If the knot doesn’t release immediately and smoothly, then try again un l you get it just right. 20