Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 16

Photo by: Gevin Fax Featured "Biker Momma" - Tana Roller Tell us about more about your life outside of kids. My mister of 13 years, Kadeem, has a dope BMW GS1150 but he only rides for transporta on. His fi rst job was as a bike messenger in New York, and that was his only bike experience/iden ty. If you can imagine, our ride styles are very diff erent. To recap, I grew up camping and playing in the mountains on motorcycles; he rides to kick traffi c. I ride to soothe my soul; he rides to maneuver LA gridlock on his daily commute. Kadeem is a lifelong video gamer; I have two le thumbs. So, weekends fi nd him playing games with his buddies and me out riding with mine. Then, we come together at the end of the day and swap stories and giggle. Clearly, I was missing out on some two-wheel sisterhood because when I came across the magic that is "Babes Ride Out" my mind was blown. My life has not been the same since. “Babes” woke the biker babe in my soul to a new level. I have since restructured everything to revolve around bike life. I look forward to riding side-by- side with my daughter very soon! 16 What is your profession and what other hobbies do you have? Last year, I founded "a qUest cALLed triBE, llc." “a qUest” is a POWerful call to ac on for living fearlessly and emPOWERing YOUr dreams. I have a group of seven jive turkeys who roll with me, fi lming our adventures and seeking commUNITY by fi nding rad humans making a diff erence through conscious living and anything that makes this planet a be er place to be. We are eco- gypsies and WELLness warriors. We are triBE seekers! You can learn more about us at Having a background in fi lm and television set design, I s ll dabble with design and other ar s c ventures. Photography turns me on as well (Tana snapped the photos of herself and her daughers on the previous page). Always evolving. Always do what turns you on, what makes you feel alive. Toby Myles is a jewelry designer and owner of Ride Like A Girl Designs and has been riding since 2009. You can read other posts from the Biker Momma blog series on her website: