Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 14

Mother's Day Special - Biker Momma Mother Tana in the front and Chloe on the bike. Curious by nature, you can usually fi nd me asking other people ques ons in social situa ons. I prefer to learn more about someone else rather than talk about myself. So, it’s no big surprise that I would start an interview series. Being a female rider in what is s ll a male-dominated sport lead me to want to know how other women have go en their start. I’m fascinated with women who ride and in par cular moms who ride. I started riding later in life when my kids were already teenagers. But many of the women I’ve interviewed started riding at a very young age. So, out of sheer curiosity – or downright nosiness – I started the Biker Momma blog series in 2017 to learn more. Why focus on moms who ride? Well, it’s one thing to accept the risk that is inherent in riding a motorcycle. But it’s an en rely diff erent thing when you impose that risk on your children, second hand. Just like all riders are unique, we all manage this risk in our own unique way. My kids understand I’m following my passion, and I hope this inspires them to fi nd and follow theirs. But enough about me… Meet Biker Momma, Tana Roller (pictured with daughter Chloe above.) I remember clearly the fi rst me I stumbled across Tana’s Instagram feed. Besides her natural beauty, she radiated a vibe that said, “This is where I belong, on the road with my sisters, exploring and apprecia ng Mother Earth and living free.” And I think you’ll learn in the interview that follows, my impression was pre y spot on. Thank you, Tana, for indulging my curiosity! ~ Toby Is Tana Roller your real name? Yes, this is my birth name, not a "biker" name. Did you start riding before you had kids or a er? I basically rolled out of the womb on two wheels. My pops is a biker and had me on at 5 years old. What is your current bike? Today I ride a Triumph Thruxton I call "Juice." "Juice Thruxton." I am lucky enough to say I had a radical childhood camping and riding as o en as possible. My dad had property in eastern Washington we would go to every weekend. We rode endless trails along rivers and power lines, climbed mountains of coal and ra led our bones bouncing moguls. I moved to Hawaii a er high school where I fell in love with riding street, too! Then came kids. Do you recall what fi rst sparked your interest in learning to ride? My dad! 14