Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 12

Yogic Warrior & Bike Are One machine – to be a part of the Jamie Quetzalcoatl Luz. Her You and the bike are one. The machine and for the machine name speaks her passions, bike and the road are one. The to be a part of you. You and the and her passions run deep. road and the earth are one. bike are one. The bike and the Quetzalcoatl is the Feathered The earth and the sky are one. road are one. The road and the Serpent god known to Mayan, earth are one. The earth and Aztec and other Mesoamerican the sky are one. Riding is one of cultures as the god of wisdom, seeker of knowledge and transgressor of boundaries those things that resonates in your soul and becomes such as earth and sky. Luz is the Spanish word for light, a part of you, so much that you cannot imagine life and Jamie is a seeker and giver of light. Her posi ve without it.” energy is her most defi ning characteris c, while her sparkling eyes and smile can warm hearts on the coldest Jamie considers herself a “yogic warrior,” meaning she fi ghts to bring light, balance, peace, love and posi ve of Minnesota days. energy into a world in which we are all interconnected. Jamie is a woman of many passions, including teaching In her words, “My fi ght is for the peace and contentment yoga and shamanis c healing principles. From a very that we can all feel together when we help and love one young age, her life has been defi ned by yoga in the most another as brothers and sisters.” literal sense of the word. “Yoga” originated from the Sanskrit word for “yoke,” meaning to connect, or the When Jamie and photographer Elizabeth Raab state of being connected. This is Jamie’s philosophy. She connected for a photo shoot, what transpired was pure says a be er word to describe it is “unity” – the inherent magic. Jamie’s passions and her yogic warrior essence oneness of all things. Yoga is based in the concept that cannot be hidden, and Rabb was able to capture all of all things are interconnected; as much as we may like to it. As yogic warrior meets bike, the sparks that fl y off see ourselves as separate and dis nct from nature and of her and her beloved Duca light up the night sky. In Jamie’s eyes, you can always see that spark, and in her each other, we are all one and part of a larger whole. smile, you can always fi nd warmth and comfort. Motorcycles are another of Jamie’s life passions, and she sees a strongly woven interconnec on between her spiritual and motorcycle love. As she puts it, “When By: Rachel McIntosh and Chovexani Roma you’re riding, the goal is to become one with the Photographer: Elizabeth Raab 12