Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 11

When trying on riding jeans made from tex les incorpora ng UHMWPe or a para-aramid liner, the manufacturers suggest buying what fi ts in the store. While these tex les all have enough give in them to be comfortable, they don’t stretch out to the extent that some brands of fashion jeans do a er a few hours of wear, so you won’t get the dreaded “diaper bu ” look. Both para-aramid-lined garments and UHMWPe tex les are as easy to care for as your favorite fashion jeans. Recommended laundering for para-aramids is machine wash with warm water and avoid bleach. Para- aramids can be tumble dried on low (don’t worry, they won’t shrink in the dryer,) but air drying is preferable. UHMWPe tex le garments should be machine washed in cold water, avoiding bleach and hung to dry. So, which one is best? The one that’s best for YOU, for that ride, on that day! Every ride and every rider is diff erent. Consider your purpose, des na on and trip length. Are you bunny-hopping in town with your gal pals for coff ee, lunch, then maybe some shopping? Are you commu ng on the highway through the urban jungle? Or are you on a mul -day cross-country tour? What about the predominant weather condi ons you’ll experience? No one tex le does it all; each has strengths that make it a good choice for a certain set of condi ons. Assess your needs, and pick what works best for you. Or pick them all – nothing says the size of your riding wardrobe can’t rival your fashion wardrobe! By: Jill Dunphy, Jewelry designed to narrate your story… your ride. Ride Like A Girl Designs celebrates the uniquely opposing qualities ̅>Ì`iw˜iޜհ9œÕ̅ÀœÜޜÕÀi}œÛiÀ the saddle and your inner “biker chick” is ÀiÛi>i`oÃÌÀi˜}̅]vi“ˆ˜ˆ˜ˆÌÞ]Vœ˜w`i˜Vi and undeniable beauty. Photo Credit: Curt Carter Photography www.ridelikeagirld