Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 8 May 2018 - Page 10

p ? a m e e n Dy Armal ith? Ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene? UHM ids? ram ara-a WP e? Denim? Kevlar? tex les made with UHMWPe vary depending on the percentage of protec ve fi ber incorporated into the tex le used. Armalith denim contains enough UHMWPe to meet the abrasion-resistance requirement. Tex les u lizing Dyneema must contain a minimum percentage of Dyneema to meet this requirement, so be sure to check garment hang tags and labels. What about those hot exhaust pipes? Normal exhaust pipe temperatures are between 250 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The mel ng point of para-aramids is around 850 degrees Fahrenheit, so your skin is protected from the horrible burn that can result from accidental contact. Beyond protec on, tex les made from para-aramids and UHMWPe have their own “comfort” quali es that make them ideal for use in diff erent situa ons. Garments made with UHMWPe are single layer and breathable, which make them a great choice for riding on those hot, humid days. The tex les used by Stellar Moto Brand are woven to place the Dyneema on the inside of the garment, so they wick moisture away from and are cool against the rider’s skin. While wonderful 10 for hot weather riding, UHMWPe jeans can s ll be comfortable on cooler days with a thin base layer like silk worn underneath. Para-aramid tex les like Kevlar are generally not as breathable as tex les made with UHMWPe, and because Kevlar is generally used as a lining, these two- layered garments are a bit more insula ng than their UHMWPe counterparts. This type of tex le shields a rider’s skin from the heat on moderately hot days, and the insula ng quality is welcomed on cooler or windier days. Although not ideal in excessive heat and humidity (a common customer complaint is that the garment feels heavy or bulky under these condi ons,) adequate ven ng can help. Dupont, which is always researching and developing new products, off ers lighter-weight Kevlar solu ons and solu ons that incorporate Coolmax® against the rider’s skin. Dupont will also be introducing a new concept in tex les for summer riding – a single layer denim that incorporates co on reinforced with Cordura® outside and 100 percent Kevlar against the rider’s skin. Be on the lookout for garments made with this new hybrid tex le!