Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 9

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself racing a superbike - compe ng against your country’s top riders on the biggest track. Three women racers and their crews came together in New Zealand in 2017 to do just that at the Motul 6-Hour Endurance Race at Hampton Downs. They were the fi rst-ever all-female team racing in the event. Regardless of nerves and the s gma that comes along with being the “fi rst” to do something, let alone something so high risk, these women revved up to the challenge with open arms – they hit the podium with a solid thir d-place fi nish in the Pro-Twin class. Meet Nicki Smith, Chance Stevenson- Oliver and Kendal Dunlop: The Twisted Sisters. Nicki is the most experienced of the three women, with over 10 years racing, and is a great mentor to Kendal and Chance. She is always cool, calm and collected, sharing her experiences and race tac cs with the group. Chance is currently in her second season of racing a er placing third overall in the Victoria Motorcycle Club 250cc produc on class during her rookie year. She is using that valuable experience of racing in a very compe ve fi eld to help her make the step up to Pro- Twin. Kendal is also in her second season racing. She spent her fi rst season primarily “swinging” (passenger) on an F1 Sidecar and competed in the Pro-Twin class in the winter club rounds. A er the podium: Since the Motul 6-Hour Endurance Race, none of the Twisted Sisters have slowed down. Nicki and Kendal are compe ng in the Hyosung Cup series riding for the Kiwibike Motorcycle Insurance team with grids of up to 40 riders. Chance and Kendal both raced in the Suzuki Tri Series, which ran throughout December, with Chance riding a Pro-Twin in the Formula 3 class and Kendal back in F1 Sidecar. With local examples like Avalon Biddle, two- me FIM Women’s European Junior Cup Champion, it was only a ma er of me before more women made footprints in New Zealand’s racing history. “We are lucky to come from a country with tons of opportuni es for women to race and as a result, we have plenty of great role models in the sport.” What’s Next? The 2018 NZSBK Championship will see all of the Twisted Sisters out once again, with Nicki racing a Honda RS125GP, Chance racing her Pro-Twin and Kendal out on the F1 Sidecar. There are four rounds in the series, and the girls will all be pushing hard in male-dominated fi elds. Other women racing include Tracey Bryan and Tina McKeown on F1 Sidecars, Angela Charle in 250 Produc on and the incredible Avalon Biddle in 600 Supersport. “We are proud to be out-and-about sharing the track with some seriously talented riders and equally proud of the number of talented women out there compe ng. In our view, they’re all Twisted Sisters – and so is any woman who’s out there riding and passionately enjoying motorcycles.” Kendal, Chance and Nicki see their history-making as an open door to something bigger. They’re hoping to make the Twisted Sisters brand grow and become its own women’s riding community - one that supports women in racing and celebrates any and all sisters who like to twist. “We are passionate about women riders and love to hear what others are up to around the world.” Learn more: By: Bri any Morrow, bri 9