Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 8

Alexis Olivera, also known as SuperLex 26, hopped on a pocket bike at 9 years old, and although she didn’t get far before she fell off and started to cry, she quickly jumped back on and kept going. Now, at age 13, having three years of racing under her belt, when asked how she fi nds the courage to get back on a er a crash, she is perplexed, “I don’t understand; it’s not that complicated to just get back on,” says Alexis. “Well, depends if you break something; I wanted to race with one hand when I broke my collar bone, but my dad wouldn’t let me.” When Alexis started offi cially racing when she was 10; she knew she wanted to do more than ride a pocket bike on torn up old cart tracks, so when her and dad did some searching and came across racer Elena Meyers, that led them to discovering the Herrin Compound, a mini-bike track owned and operated by AMA Superbike Champion, Josh Herrin, and they regularly drove eight hours each way for prac ce and races. It wasn’t long before Alexis outgrew her METRAKIT MINIGP R50R she rode at Herrin Compound and moved up to a METRAKIT PRE GP 125. A bigger bike meant bigger tracks, bigger races and faster compe tors. Alexis gets nervous right before a race so she tries to not overthink the start. “The star ng is everything.” She shakes those nerves, and the moment the races begins she is “calm and confi dent.” Alexis now competes in Florida Motorcycle Road Racing Associa on (FMRRA) and Championship Cup Series (CCS) against grown men and she loves when she beats them. She loves passing boys. It is fun for Alexis to see the reac on of the boys in school who brag about their accomplishments in sports when she retorts, “Oh, I race motorcycles.” “Boys think girls can’t play football or other sports, but here (motorcycle racing) we are equal; we can do it even be er!” 8 Alexis works hard in school to maintain As and Bs while strength training, going to prac ce and racing. Her family, of course, worries, but they are suppor ve and encouraging. She contends that she could get more injuries cheerleading – besides she tried cheerleading and hated it. She says she loves compe ng but other sports just weren’t for her. Alexis plans to go pro and become the fi rst female to win a MotoAmerica Championship. Good luck, SuperLex 26! Learn more about Alexis and follow her career: By: Ka e McKay