Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 6

What’s New, Pussycat? It really wasn’t that long ago when women were considered property, or sex symbols, or too weak and incompetent to accomplish much of anything besides cooking and birthing babies. It’s been about 50 years since the bra-burning 1960s, when feminism really began to take hold in this country, and the fear and misunderstanding surrounding the biking community s ll exists. It’s taken a long me for people to realize that leather is one of the func onal necessi es of riding, and it doesn’t automa cally equal a knife or a gun in my pocket, or that I ride a Harley because I think it’s a great bike, not because I’m trying to appear more badass than I already am (insert wink here). Motorcycling really gained popularity in the post-World War II era when boys and men came back from overseas and motorcycles were cheap war surplus items. Bikers didn’t get ta ooed because they rode, they’d go en ta ooed during the war and came home to a conserva ve culture that understood nothing of what they’d been through. They used the thrill and danger of motorcycling in some ways to ease the anxiety and depression of what we now know to be PTSD. They got more ta oos, found like-minded friends to ride around with and o en drank to excess. Gangs of drinking, cursing bikers and the hard women they took on as passengers and girlfriends quickly became the stuff of legend, and Hollywood was quick to commercialize icons like &'&FBW0FVFVvvVfVBFW6RVF&vǐFvW&W2BWfV6WfWrvVFBW&vW&PvƖrF&6FV"&WWF2&Vr6VvBWvF( r'&Vr&W"vw2( ЧF&Vv֗666WBVF֗6vVVBFRW"&GW7G'FB2W7Br7F"pF&V6v旦RFR'WrB'&FrvW"bvVখF&76ƖrvV( 26V'2fRVBWfW"FR6R2vVvWFW"N( 2f'GV7W'BƖPFRf6V&w&W2f"vVv&FR"&VЦRw&W2v6"&Vv&FW2BWfVG2F22vBFRFW&Ff֖ǐ&Vǒ3v&( 6V.( bFW&vVvFR2vBVFvVBg&vƷ2bƖfR&FpGW2b&W2FVF6FVBFW'7VpFR7BbF&76Ɩr'&FvrFPv&WGvVVFRFVbF&76ƖpBFR&VƗGbvRrWBFW&PBFrBFW&FVvW'0vVF'&VFv&'&W'27FWWBbFV"6f'BW2BƗfRƖfPFV"vFW&27&r2FR"BFRWrw&wF`vV&W'22rWfW"FRv&RvR&Rf&6RF&R&V6VBvFBvRfRW"vF'0BVGb6V6RF'WW"v&W2BW"vvV"vF"vFWBFRVW"ƗfW276VvW"6V"6GfVGW&RG&6&6rFW&rvRFB&W7V2rBV6W&vrRFW"rFPv( &WB&VBF&R'BbF2&WfRƖVB&֖&BV'BFֆV'BvFG֖0w&WbvVv6R6V2fRf6R&w2VB@G'VR7&72FRGW7G'&RB&RF&76R6V'2&VvrW'WBBbFVvBFR6R&B&W72FB6V'0ƖRFRV2vV2FB6RbFVvW&RW7BwW0vƖVBF&FRFvWFW"BvVFV"&W2'&PFvFWV&VBFFV"FV'BBWBFVЦ&6FvWFW""F7W7F֗RFVBRFVЧVVRW"6V"2Fr&RFw&WbVRFVF6FVBF"7V"FW&W7B"2fGBǒFB'WBBbFfGV&Frv2vrWG6FRbFR( 6V.( VFƗGBvVvfV@F&76ƖrW7B2V62VvW&R66rF&R76VvW'2'WBfV&VB&VrVFvVBf"BvVvW&R&Fr6FVF'WBFWvW&RfWrBFWvW&RVvVF'֗7VFW'7FB&V6W6RFWFF( @6f&F7VGW&RFB6BvVW7B&R&W BFW7BB6VVWBFFR6&RbFVvVƖR&W76R7G&~VBBFRf'W&V67FW'2fVBFRvf"vVƖRW2F&FRf'v&@`F2f"&VFrf"&FrBf"rW"v֖&WfR27&72F2&VRgVWBvR6RǖFǖFWW'227Fw&FW"BFW&FvPBFRv&BvrWF"bF&VRfV2W vV'6FRB&r6&RfVBC7&VFVGF"6