Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 34

CURVE EVOLUTION WOMEN CHANGING THE LOOK OF MOTO Shelina Moreda grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Northern California. She received her fi rst motorcycle from her dad when she was 12 years old – a dirt bike she could use to herd the cows in from the fi elds. Li le did he know that dirt bike would propel Shelina into becoming a champion motorcycle racer and a COVERGIRL® spokesmodel! Shelina started racing immediately, obtaining her race license the fi rst me she was ever on a motorcycle track. She then earned her AMA professional license immediately following her novice year. “I began racing motorcycles because I was raised to believe I could do anything I set my mind to. I always dreamed of being out there dicing it up with the guys I saw on TV, and I’m just crazy enough to turn it into a goal and chase that dream.” Shelina races at the Pro level in the U.S., China, Qatar, Japan and Europe. She has several “fi rsts” in her career, including being the fi rst female to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on a motorcycle, the fi rst female team to complete any Suzuka endurance race and the fi rst female to race the Zhuhai Interna onal Circuit in China where she fi nished third on the Splitlath EBR Superbike. Shelina also fi nished with a fi rst-place win in the 2016 Women's Championship in Qatar. Shelina enjoys helping women of all ages, from young girls interested in racing to experienced riders looking to improve their skills so she started She’z Moto Camp in Petaluma, California. Shelina saw a need for females to have access to motorcycle training just for them. She recognized that females learn and challenge each other diff erently. She’z Moto is an all-female dirt bike camp created to help female riders build confi dence and become stronger riders. Shelina is also the host of Motorcycle Startup, a television show that airs on NBC Sports Bay Area (San Francisco) and na onally on DIRECTV. The show follows racers like Shelina and her students on their journey from the dirt, to the track to the podium. 34 Shelina Moreda Professional Motorcycle Racer and COVERGIRL® model So, how did Shelina go from motorcycle racer to COVERGIRL model? Well, she’s not quite sure herself. She knows COVERGIRL was brainstorming, looking for strong women for a new image. She feels that the biggest thing that lead them to her was them watching her do her thing and seeing her working hard at it every day. “I've worked my tail off to get where I am in the motorcycle industry so far, and none of it came easy.” Shelina says she would never change a moment of that struggle. “I’ve built my name as a legi mate racer all over the world; I’ve grown in my sport and as a person. COVERGIRL no ced and respected that. This is not a ma er of me going a er a company and ‘landing it.’ This was a genuine match, something where we came together because we share the same vision. This rela onship with COVERGIRL is a match made in heaven.” COVERGIRL’s new slogan “I Am What I Make Up” has been called the biggest reinvention in its 60-year history. The powerful new expression aims to inspire people to embrace their unique iden es and unapologe cally create any version of themselves. Shelina is in the company of other powerful women such as fi tness trainer Massy Arias and singer/ songwriter Katy Perry. “Working with this amazing beauty company is a dream come true for me. As most of you who watch me race know, I go on track with my makeup on. My makeup sets me apart from the guys when I’m geared up on the grid, and all you can see are my eyes peering out of my helmet. Having my makeup on makes me feel pre y. More importantly, it makes me feel strong and confi dent. As a female athlete who competes in the male-dominated world of racing, I'm proud and stoked to represent a brand that allows me to stand up and say that it is powerful to feel pre y.” Shelina especially loves the new slogan “I Am What I Make Up.” “I am anything and everything I dream I can be, and COVERGIRL is empowering myself and other females to do the same.” Shelina is already in the process of bringing her next big dream to frui on, her own race team in MotoAmerica: the U.S. Na on [X[\Y\