Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 30

RST Ventilated Brooklyn Textile Jacket You may not have heard of RST, but they have been producing high-quality motorcycle gear in the U.K. for 30 years and it’s worn by top level riders in Bri sh Superbike. They started with gloves and have grown their line and their reach. Jonny Towers, founder of RST, said, “I thought there was a need for a range of good looking, aff ordable quality products. I’d go to bike meets and see riders stood about in really badly fi ng suits; most riders can’t aff ord high-end brands, and I didn’t see why an aff ordable suit should fi t badly. I set out to create a range of products that looked good, worked well and off ered good value.” Considering the jacket we tested, Jonny hit it spot-on. The RST Ven lated Brooklyn is an all-season jacket that has solid construc on with double and triple s tching, CE-rated armor in back, shoulders and elbows and two removeable liners: one breathable, waterproof liner for rain and a quilted liner for warmth. The outer shell is tex le and mesh, which allows airfl ow in hot weather riding. The design has nice shape-contouring details. 30 There are two exterior and two interior pockets. There is also a 360 degree zipper to a ach to riding pants, a rare feature in a street jacket. The size tag is deceiving; typically in the U.S. an XS is a size 4 or less, and this tag says XS/8, and the actual fi t \[ܙHZHHKˈX[  ܈ ]\H\\\HH]ܝۈ\[[\X[HX\H^BX[ X\[[\\XZH]H]۝Y]YܝXK[[ܛ]] [H[[\]Z\[\HY\Y[˂H[]Y[X]Y\[X]]HX[ \ۈ\JH܈X]]H['\x'HX[ˈ^\[HH [HTԔ\ KNB [X]\˘HYH[ܙH[; HHX[\X\[KNHHX^