Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 27

Out of all of California, I won. I had an interview with a motorcycle apparel company, but we both recognized their image was nothing like I was designing, so I put it under wraps and focused on costume designing. S ll, I was always doing it on the side. I've had the name forever and always planned on doing this. It was just a ques on of when. Then, in January of 2016, I had a li le motorcycle accident, and that's when it really happened. Describe the aesthe c and a tude of you brand? From where do you draw your inspira on? I love the ’60s and ’70s in terms of all the motorcycle gear. That's always been my inspira on: kind of just simple, classic, old-school. That's always been my inspira on. Anything meless and classic, though that may change. I couldn't say it's just one thing. I get inspira on from everywhere and everything. I do like taking things down a notch, because when you take it down a notch, the person wearing it shows up, not the clothes. But then I have a bronze jacket and a silver jacket. S ll, the style of it is toned down. That whole fl oral, pink hearts? No, I’m sorry. I just refuse. I always bought vintage. That’s already on the market, so why not do something diff erent for the people who want it? We just need variety for goodness’ sakes, so if you don’t like my lace-up pants, but you like some other brand, at least there are choices now. How about not having just one pair? This is what needs to happen. So I’m trying to be part of the variety. When developing a new piece of gear or clothing, what are your priori es? When I make something, every li le detail is important. I could have made my jumpsuit much sooner, but then it wouldn't have been comfortable. Or I could have made a pair of jeans, but I had to add this or that, and it wouldn't have been right. When designing something, I hold off un l the things that I want are all lined up, like the Dyneema®, so the safety and comfort of the fi t, as well as the quality, are all there. I'm not going to do something if it isn't all there yet. I want to lighten up our load physically and also streamline gearing up, so you don’t have to put this, that and the other thing on. Some people really like looking moto, and I’m not taking that away from them. I kinda like that too, some mes, but some mes you don’t. It depends on what your mood is, and I just want to give people choices, whatever their mood may be. But at the same me, gear has to be comfortable, armored and provide abrasion protec on. I’m trying to give everybody those op ons without sacrifi cing fashion. We have an aesthe c that we like, but there just weren’t enough choices for that aesthe c. So, I guess I’m an alterna ve. Another choice. 27