Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 25

Getting into Gear Whether you’re the kind of rider who won’t even think of leaving the driveway without completely gearing up (yes, even gloves), or the type whose only ar cle of protec ve gear is a helmet, we all have our reasons for wearing what we do on rides. Moto-gear designers are quickly redefi ning the ‘look’ of the well-protected female rider while ensuring that we are dressed for the ride AND the slide. MMM polled its readers to fi nd out what inspires their gear choices! Do you wear all the gear all the me (ATGATT – moto-specifi c protec ve boots, pants, jacket, gloves and helmet for every ride), some of the gear some of the me (SGTSTT) or the bare minimum? See the charts for results from 77 surveyed riders. Our ATGATT readers added their own reasons for gearing up religiously: “Regular jeans are not made to sit on a motorcycle, and pull and bunch in all the wrong places. Plus, I always feel like my bu crack is showing!” – viperryan “I hate pain” - Elaine “Donning moto gear is part of the ritual and clearing my mind and ge ng into the a tude to ride.” - laj “Looks stylish/badass” – Jessica, Kat “I’ve already been sorry, be er to be safe!” -jkbohemian “My wife and children are beau ful and amazing, and I love going home to them at the end of each ride” – ogyapong “Protects me from injuries” – Karleen Readers who only par ally gear up added: “I basically commute in the city at or under 40 km/hr. I always wear a helmet, gloves, boots and pants. I only wear body armor if I'm going on long rides” - Erin “Helmet all the me” – tlynnm “I cannot fi nd proper-fi ng moto-clothes” - cjwoods “Improper fi ng for larger or curvy women/ women’s gear typically sucks so I buy ill-fi ng men’s gear to just make do” – best803, Sonja “I wear a hiking boot rather than motorcycle specifi c boots because you can't walk in them or fi nd any that fi t” – Deborah Whatever you wear, we at MMM hope you con nue to explore the ever-expanding op ons in protec ve gear with us and seek to redefi ne YOUR look as a well-protected female motorcyclist! By: Jill Dunphy, Poll Results - Who Wears What? 2.60% ATGATT (All the gear, all the time. Motorcycle-specific protective boots, pants, jacket, gloves, helmet) 26% Some of the gear, some of the time. 71.40% Bare minimum. Why do you ATGATT? 60 40 20 0 1 Better safe than sorry Protects me from wind Extreme temperatures Rain Sun Protects me from flying debris Looks good and fits budget Fit It's comfortable Makes me more visible Makes me look like a motorcyclist Why don't you ATGATT? 20 10 0 1 ' Its uncomfortable Too bulky Too hot Too expensive I haven't found protective gear that reflects my personal style I don't ride far enough/fast enough/often enough to justify the purchase 25