Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 22

D.I.Y TASSELS As I’m crea ng this project, it’s rainy, dark and my bike is cozy in the garage while I’m cozy in my studio! Perhaps you’re si ng in a blizzard or torren al downpour dreaming of the twis es and sunshine, too. So, here is a simple, fun project to keep those idle hands busy. The sky is the limit with tassels! I’m showing you the basic method. Length, fullness and hardware can all be modifi ed to match your end use. Make a fun keychain or some zipper pulls for your favorite tote. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of tassels on your handlebars or saddle bags fl owing in the wind! Experiment with diff erent materials; leather cord, embroidery fl oss, yarn, metallic thread. Supplies: Leather cord or suede cra lace Sharp scissors Clamp and hardcover book or clip board Tape The length of the book/board will determine the length of the tassel. I used an 8” long book for this demo and plan to put my tassel on my favorite backpack. So, you may want a shorter tassel for a keychain or longer for handlebar deco B\ ]H L8'KLL'HYXHوܙ[]\YN\[HH[KX[H[[YH]\JH[\ ܘ\ZHۙH[وHX]\ܙ XY [\B؛\ ܘ\HXH]\[Y\\[]\Z[HB[\و[\\[ \\[H\[HHHܘ\YHX]\ܙ LLY\H[XY\H; X] LY\˂H[YBܘX[\ L'HYXHوܙHX\Y\\][\H\[ܘ\ [ۙH[وH[HBHۛ JH\H\[ H؛\ [[HHXHۛ [H[Y\܈\XHH[H]\܈^[\K[HX^H[H[Z[܈ \[\H܈[ܙB\X[]KH]”[H\[][\[ []Y[]H]H\\ܜˈx&[X[\\]\ HܛHH\[\؛\ ]\[X][H 8'HYXHقܙ x&[ܛHH\وH\[ YHBܙ\[H\[XZHHܝ\YYBۙ\[H\[[X]HۙH[ۙ˂JH\H\[ H؛\ YHܘ\Bܙ\[H\[]\[Y\XZ[Hܘ\\X܈[\[HZKHܘ\YZ[HX]ZYY\[\X]\X[X^HYY[ܙHܘ\ˈ[HHۛX\K[]H^\[ۂ[H\[ JH[B[[ZY[H\[][\; H\܂HX[ܘ\HYXHو\H\[H[\˜HHZYK]H\[ [[[ݙHH\K[H[H[][[ˈY[x&\H\HX][ ]]ۙ[\HX[Y[ [H[[^\[B][ܙKY[x&\H\[H; H\[ZHX\܈[XY\H; BZ\XܚܙX]][HH\[ X]\[YYYHYH[^[]\ݙ\Y]H[\ۈH[ \[]H][\\ۈ[[ZY[[H[X[\\ۈ[\H; H[\ۂ[\YXH[[X H[\[ZXY[HX^H[Y\H[B[[[X\ܚ^[]\[Bܙ[H\Y[X\K\Y[X\K