Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 18

GETTING HANDSY • Gauntlet gloves – gloves that extend past the full length of the wrist. This includes race gloves, which boast topnotch technical specs for maximum impact protec on, and rain and winter gloves where the extra gauntlet length serves to help keep hands dry, warm or both. Gauntlets are frequently used in adventure/touring gloves, too. On the hunt. Spo ng your prey, you freeze, mouthwatering with an cipa on. Stalk by foot; stalk with fi nger ps. Pounce! You strike, prey now helplessly yours. Adrenaline surges, and for a brief, shining moment before you sheath your powerful weapon (i.e., your credit card), you feel as though you could single-handedly save the world from an alien invasion. Especially now that you’ve captured a brand spanking new pair of moto gloves. Un l … See, I'm on the colossal end of the lady hand spectrum. And while snagging a snazzy pair of boots for my waterski-like feet has proved nearly as challenging as fi ng a polar bear into a ssue box, my oversized paws pose an even greater shopping dilemma. My palms are larger than the average woman but smaller than most men, my fi ngers are long and rela vely narrow and keeping my fi ngernails clipped is a must to elude fi ery fi nger p pain. Men’s gloves fi t too full in the fi ngers and palms, folding in spectacular blister-birthing creases at the upper palm knuckles. In contrast, women’s gloves are short palmed and short fi ngered. And don’t get me started on the shrinked-and-pinked lady glove phenomenon. What makes gloves so challenging? Perhaps it has to do with the overwhelming number of glove off erings. 18 • Short and/or summer gloves – gloves that stop at the wrist. O en, these gloves include perfora on or mesh for maximum ven la on but s ll incorporate hard bits to guard against impacts. • Adventure/Touring gloves – generally tex le, these versa le gloves aim to protect riders from varied climates and weather condi ons as well as provide impact defense. • Urban, street or cruiser gloves – typically leather, these gloves have sleek styling and usually ditch the hard bits found on race or performance gloves yet s ll off er quality protec on. • Off -Road road gloves – less focus on shielding and more focus on gripping, off -road gloves generally abide by the less-bulk-is-be er school of thought. • Fingerless gloves – more for style than protec on, fi ngerless gloves guard your palms and to some degree, your knuckles, but leave your fi ngers exposed. • Glove liners – rela vely thin, these under-glove gems typically serve to enhance glove warmth and wicking proper es. Some versions even contain hea ng elements. • Overgloves – similar to glove liners, overgloves seek to improve glove waterproofi ng by fi ng atop your regular moto gloves.