Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 16

ward off cramping and headaches from heat. If you fi nd yourself not using the bathroom by lunch me, then you are ge ng dehydrated. Make sure to eat to avoid low blood sugar and keep your strength, however don’t eat an overly heavy lunch. This will make you sluggish the session right a er. Take snacks with you that you can graze on throughout the day — this keeps you nourished and light. Shade is invaluable at track. I suggest ge ng some sort of canopy to keep yourself out of the sun if you are not in an enclosed garage. Folding chairs to sit on will make your day a lot more pleasant when you can rest and close your eyes for a bit. A toolbox with some basic tools is always a good idea, you never know if a bolt comes lose or you need to adjust something. This of course is based on your wrenching skill level and what you’re comfortable doing yourself. When I started riding track, I didn’t know much, but I quickly learned to change my own res, fl uids and brakes. If you plan on tracking a lot, I suggest learning those things and ge ng the necessary tools to do them, because you will be doing it a lot. Having confi dence in your work is extra rewarding. Power is not always accessible at every track, so if you want to run any electronics or re warmers, you’ll need a generator. This is a costly investment but well worth it. 16 I can usually run two sets of re warmers, an industrial fan when it’s hot, small helmet fans and charge my phone/GoPros off of mine. Some people bring a compressor for fi lling res; I fi nd this total overkill. To save space, I always bring a bicycle pump, which is small and easy to use without the need of power. With that said, never forget a re pressure gauge! I suggest a high-quality, ba ery-operated one as re pressure at the track requires precision. You already know you’ll need leathers to ride but what about underneath? I can promise you there is nothing more diffi cult than trying to pull a sopping wet leather suit off of bare arms. Always wear a long sleeve compression style shirt and leggings to save you the trouble. I use ones made of slick fabrics as they make the suit slide off with ease. Another thing I always do is stretch during the riders mee ng. The diff erence is amazing when I do this and when I don’t. It can make or break your fi rst session out, and as you start to ride more aggressively, this is pivotal. So, there you have it, some basics covered to help you on your way. Now I know the fi rst me can be nerve wracking, you don’t know what to expect and have a million ques ons running through your head. I promise there is nothing to worry about. I s ll remember my fi rst me like it was yesterday; I was so in midated!