Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 15

lines, reference points, brake markers, p-in points, apex and exit. Already that’s a lot to learn in one single day! Then there’s body posi on, visual tracking, trail braking along with a slew of other things to remember/ learn, and let’s not forget that all of these things change every me your pace increases! Just imagine trying to learn these things on the street — virtually impossible. And for that reason, every me I bring a new rider to track, they are absolutely amazed, and it’s like a whole new world of riding opens up to them. OK, so you’ve decided to go, what’s next? As a novice group rider, you don’t have to worry about much but there are a few things just about every organiza on requires. Taping up your lights is necessary. This keeps plas c/glass elements from sha ering all over the track in the event of a fall. It also eliminates any distrac ons from taillights as they are not necessary on track. It may seem crazy if you’ve never been on track, but once you experience this, you’ll soon see why. I would suggest taking your mirrors off as they will actually be in your way. Also take off your license plate — I’ve heard horror stories of them fl ying off . Fluid-wise, most organiza ons allow regular coolant in novice groups. However, make sure your oil plug is nice and ght. Accidents happen and things do fail, but dripping oil over a track due to negligence will earn you scowls from everyone there since it will shut down the track for cleanup. Safety wiring i 2BV6W76'f6R6VVBFv''खvVW&R6&FRW"&RFG&6BFFP&Wv&vF3֖WFW2bR'6WFVǒfRFvB&WB&R&WV&VVG3vWB6VBF2RBG&6&FW'2W6RWG&VVǒ66V@&RFBvWG27WW"BfW'f7BB2VFR26vrF6RvW6RVvW2R6VRF2&RGf6VB&FW'2W6R6Ɩ62v6&RD@&6R&W2B&RFW6vVBf"G&6W6RǒvF&Pv&W'2RFBVVBbFBVG`7&VF&ǒ6VB&FW'26WBGf6VB6RW2WfVDB&RFRW2FV&rW 'V&&W"&W7G2W'6ǒ&FRf6R&VwV 7G&VWB&B&R7V62֖6VƖB&BBBv22&RFfRgVBVvFVGbw&FR77VRvF7G&VWB&W22FWFRvW"FV@WB&V( B2w&6RW7BfRFFRW Rv&֖rFVWvWfW"6RR7F'B6pWFR6R7G&VWB&W2vVBWFV6BvW@w&V7( B'WBFN( VFvFRƖRvF026WFrRvV&BvWBFfVVWB2Pw&GVǒ7&V6RW"6RFW&R26WFrF&P6BvWfW"&WBW6r7WW"6w&&R( B@v26FV6Rb^( &RƖRRB&RV7W&P&WBW"w&FVVr6WFrƖR&VƐF&7WW&6'6vvfRRV6Rb֖B@FFVB6FV6R&V6W6RRrFBRv( @WG&FRFR&^( 2&ƒW2fW"RR6FW7BFW&VBW2BFV0FBW"W'6&VfW&V6R( B&W2&RdU%W'6fVVBWfW'R&W7G2FW&VFǐFWVFrFV"&Fr7GRFW"FrFF氦&WB2W"&R&W77W&RF22f7FǒFW&V@g&vBRvVB'VFR7G&VWB6R7W&PFFƲFFR6FR&R7V6Ɨ7BFVW"FvWBFV &V6VFvB&R&W77W&RR6VB'V( B6B7G&W72F2RVVvvBF66rf&W2f7Fǒrf"Pv&RG&fVƖrvW&RRv&R6VWrBpF2Rv&RG&6FVBFFGvFvVVVBWfVG2B6VWBFRG&6FW&Vf&Rא6rƗ7B2WFV6fRv6v6VFRG'V6@bV6W76W2FBBRג7FBFRG&6fW'6f'F&RfR6V6Ɨ7BFB( fR6VBfW FRV'2FBR6FvBB&VE7FU&6r6vWfW"FB&RfW'vVVBFFW"'7@fWrG&6F2RFBVVBV6vWfW"FW&P&RfWrW76V2( Ɨ7BWBWN( 26R&RB6VWrBFRG&6BW7BFpRFRv'7BBf&V7BVVBvFW"vF&VvvFBG&6R6VBv2&PG&r&WGvVVWfW'6W76WfVF2F@&V( BFBW"&G2WVƖrG2bƗVBॖW"'&2v&rfW'&BV&rWr62@rWr6V22( BG&6&Fr27&VF&ǐFV6RVFǒf"F2&V6vǒ7VvvW7@FFr6WFrƖR&V66G&FW vFW"WfW'fWrW'2F2vVWVV7G&ǗFW2@6G2&6VBW"&GBvVWRW'B@P