Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 14

Track Day Basics Let’s start off with the basics, why the immense fascina on with track? Only within recent years has riding track become mainstream and accessible to the average Joe like you and me. Up un l the last 15 years, most people riding track were almost exclusively racing. However, these days, you and I have at our fi nger ps the opportunity to experience what top level riders have been experiencing. How exhilara ng is that? For me, that’s personally very exci ng — to learn how to ride aggressively and explore the abili es of my machine all the while pushing my limita ons further and further. Motorcycles are meant to be ridden fast and fi erce, there’s no doubt about that. But few posses even the basic knowledge of how to control their machines, because let’s face it, doing 150+mph down a stretch of highway doesn’t require much skill. If you do it enough, you get used to the speed and while it s ll may be exhilara ng, it’s not a big deal to weave in and out of traffi c. And let’s not forget that to actually experience your motorcycle’s capabili es on a street is quite illegal and unsafe. 14 So, over the last decade, we’ve had a numerous amount of track day organiza ons pop up along with advanced riding schools aimed at training safer and faster riders on track. There are many ar cles covering track days, but I’m going to share with you my experience from a female’s perspec ve. Most people are in midated by the idea of taking their bikes to track — I hear it all the me from both male and female riders. I know people who will blast down the highway but say they are too scared to track because they fear they’ll crash. I’m absolutely baffl ed at this logic. How is it possible to fear a controlled environment where everything is monitored and you are given the best possible scenario to ride your heart out? I’m here to tell you to forget what you’ve heard and just go try it out. I promise you that as long as you focus and listen to the instructors, you won’t be crashing your fi rst me. That shouldn’t even be a concern, quite frankly. Novice track riders are placed in their respec ve control groups and everyone takes baby steps. You will work your way up to speed gradually as you learn your