Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 12

Like a true small-town girl, a er all was said and done, Terri had to take a moment to quietly refl ect on everything she had experienced and the gra tude she felt. She views her job as a responsibility and to be trusted with such a high level of access is a privilege not to be taken for granted. “It was life-changing. I was a bit speechless a erward. A er watching so many races from a quiet Miami studio, to be there in the fl esh, to take in all the sounds, sights, smells, there was nothing like it.” Terri admits that she is enormously thankful for everything she gets to do because of her work and claims she couldn't ask for much more. “If I had a magic wand, I'd want to spend a MotoGP season repor ng from all the races around the world. Also, I'd magically place our studios beside Chuckwalla and have regular training sessions with Jason Pridmore.” Terri learned to ride on the farm where she grew up outside Altona, Manitoba, Canada. “I would whip around on a quad, and in my teenage years I learned to ride on our late '70s Kawasaki KE100. However, I never kept up with it a er I moved away.” Although she has her motorcycle license, Terri chooses to stay off the streets of South Florida where she currently resides. “I don't own a bike and don't have a chance to ride around here. The closest I've come is a scooter rental in Key West, but I'd like a li le more speed in my future.” That’s a dream worth chasing if you ask us. That, and the only way Terri claims her job could get any be er would be “a mandatory endless supply of chocolate would be a perk.” - Words by Bri any Morrow and Terri Leigh Photos provided by Terri Leigh 12