Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 7 March 2018 - Page 10

Terri Leigh of beIN Sports (Has the Coolest Job in the World) Along with WSBK, beIN has had the broadcast rights to MotoGP and MotoAmerica for the last two years. 2018 will be the third year Terri has been covering races in-person as well as episodes of PitLane. She’s covering the absolute best in motorcycle road-racing the world over, and she cannot get enough. “My favorite part of my job has to be all the people I get the opportunity to meet and learn more about.” When Terri a ended her fi rst MotoAmerica race in New Jersey in 2016, she was shocked at just how accessible the riders and their teams were compared to interna onal soccer players. Terri couldn’t believe the open invita on she received to just walk into someone's garage and have a conversa on with anybody inside, including the rider. When beIN Sports USA launched in 2012, it started as a soccer-focused sports network. So when Terri Leigh, who was an anchor/reporter for the Fox Soccer Report, learned about beIN, she immediately threw her hat in the ring. “I sent in my demo reel thinking ... heck, why not?” Terri is a small-town girl who started in radio and worked her way up to TV. She didn't think her demo reel would even be viewed. To her surprise, she received a response within a few hours of submission and by the next day, she had booked an audi on and a fl ight to Miami. Within a week, Terri had the job off er and within a month, she was in Florida for the launch. Over fi ve years later, beIN has expanded its por olio and become more of an interna onal sports network, and that means bikes! As for Terri? She’s loving it even more than she ever dreamed. “Motorcycle racing allows me a whole diff erent level of access to a sport and its compe tors. Essen ally, my job in a nutshell? I'm a storyteller. So being able to tell the stories of the riders and the people behind them is when I'm happiest.” Terri’s favorite work memory to date is the MotoGP weekend at Circuit of The Americas in 2017. “It was my fi rst-ever MotoGP race and I was a bundle of nerves and excitement. For four days, from sunup to sundown, I was like a sponge soaking in all the racing atmosphere I could.” Not only was Terri charged with taking on the broadcast that weekend, but she was also responsible for gathering and shoo ng content for that week's episode of PitLane, which was being done en rely from Aus n. Over the course of a few days, she interviewed most of the riders before the racing began, met hordes of fans and motorcycle enthusiasts and even spent some one- on-one me with Team Suzuki Ecstar. When Terri’s boss told her back in 2013 that she was going to be covering the Superbike World Championship, she almost cried. And “When it came to the race broadcast, being out on the no, they were not tears of joy. grid before warm-up, roaming the pitwall at lights out, “I covered soccer. I had never watched a motorcycle race. But I got sucked into it, and as I followed and watched it more and more, I became absolutely hooked.” 10 repor ng from pit lane and interviewing the podium, it was an unbelievable rush, all of it!”