Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 6 - January 2018 - Page 9

GROUNDED Finding Sanity Without Two-Wheeled Time Two wheels. Joy. Euphoria. Honest-to-goodness, ear- to-ear grinning giddiness, lack of angst and even PMS. Riders know the fact that countless memes, T-shirts and s ckers declare “You never see a motorcycle parked outside a therapist’s offi ce” isn't just happenstance. But what happens when you can't ride? Whether you’re buried under 37 feet of snow or down for the count due to illness or injury, the absence of riding need not lead to the absence of sanity. "What if I could make myself a be er rider without ge ng on my ride?" Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, decide to use your down me for be er motorcycling up- me later. What if you could make yourself a be er rider without ge ng on your ride? YouTube binge, anyone? You could scour the web for videos of motorcycle fails. Suffi ce it to say, one could spend an eternity si ing through crap- tons of available examples of what NOT to do. These moto-woes can be very educa onal, helping to enforce safe riding habits such as riding at safe speeds, riding in wet condi ons and always keeping an eye out for poten al dangers, making sure to develop on-the-fl y exit strategies along the way. YouTube isn't the only way to train without throwing a leg over your bike. Training videos, such as the Ride Like A Pro series ( are excellent resources during mes when ge ng your knees in the breeze isn't an op on. Addi onally, exploring ways to increase your motorcycling strength can enhance your riding as well as reduce the need for a er-ride recovery me. Check out Jill Dunphy's ar cle in this issue for some helpful ps on riding fi tness. Consider enhancing your hand-eye coordina on and on-your-toes thinking with video games. A recent study published in Psychological Science confi rmed that racing games like Mario Kart, MotoGP and TrackMania improve players’ visuomotor skills, the connec on between visual acuity and fi ne motor movements. Moreover, according to a 2010 study performed by researchers from the University of Rochester, players of ac on games such as Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament make decisions 25 percent faster (and just as accurately) as those playing strategy-based games. So, if you can’t get on your bike, pick up a game controller and plunk down on the couch to keep your riding skills fresh. Of course, any self-proclaimed gear whore can spend as much down me searching for moto fashion steals as they can arm chair learning riding skills. Wherever you shop, search closeout off erings frequently, and you'll be sure to score signifi cant savings on great gear. If you've watched YouTube un l your eyes bleed, can't fathom diges ng addi onal training videos, buffi ng up your body or shopping (as if), there are s ll a couple other non-riding but bike-related entertainment op ons. The fi rst is nkering. Consider performing maintenance you've been pu ng off or installing performance upgrades or other customiza ons you've been eyeballing. Secondly, favor a fair-weather trip? Use your down me to plan your next big adventure. As Lynda Meyers stated in the September 2017 issue, "Winter is for transforma on." Here's to transforming your riding down me into something fabulous, devoid of rideless-related delirium. By: Jessica Van den Ancker, 9