Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 6 - January 2018 - Page 8

which are fi ne in modera on or as the occasional treat, but need to be avoided when we are asking more out of our bodies.” Making healthy choices when we hit our lunch des na ons, reducing our intake of caff eine, alcohol and sugar and avoiding smoking are addi onal lifestyle choices that increase our performance and enjoyment of rides and can even contribute to us living longer to enjoy more years of riding. S ll not convinced about the direct correla on between a well-rounded workout and healthy lifestyle to riding performance? Listen to the testament of one rider who has completely changed her riding through total fi tness training. Jill Oliver, quoted earlier in this ar cle, enrolled in an off -road training class off ered by Bill Dragoo near her home, looking to increase her ability and confi dence while riding her 500-lb KTM 1190 Adventure. The course instruc ons suggested that would-be students build their strength and increase their cardio endurance ahead of the class. Jill knew that she needed to step up her fi tness game to successfully complete the course. Although she had ridden off -road many mes before, Jill said that her energy and confi dence were low, and she would get frustrated when faced with athle c challenges. She enrolled in a local whole-body program with a system dedicated to helping clients increase their strength, mobility, endurance and nutri on to achieve a specifi c goal. She was amazed at the ini al diff erence; while at fi rst, her morning workout would leave her red, within weeks she found that she was ge ng through them more easily and doing everything her trainers asked of her. Jill credits core strength and running for building her endurance and confi dence ahead of her class. “There was one exercise that required us to do circle a er circle,” Jill said. “You had to weight the motorcycle with slow control, and it took everything in your core and concentra on to make it happen. A er running the exercise a few mes, the instructors asked me to demonstrate for the rest of the class!” She successfully completed the course, no ng that the other par cipants were red a er comple ng each day’s exercises, but she s ll had energy to keep going. She credits her whole-body fi tness training for helping her to build her abili es and confi dence in the sport that she loves – a winning situa on all around. How many of you have a moto-fi tness goal or see a li le bit of your own story in Jill’s? There are resources out there for every level of fi tness, mo va on and budget – from seeking the help of a personal trainer to u lizing the abundant online resources available. Find what works for YOU, and build a personal workout rou ne that will keep you moto- mo vated all year long! The Fine Print: Please consult with your physician before beginning any new workout regimen, and if the exercise is brand new to you, consider a class or two with an instructor to ensure proper form and help prevent injury. Honor your body and know your limits – take it back a notch if something is causing intense pain! By: Jill Dunphy, 8