Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 6 - January 2018 - Page 34

CURVE EVOLUTION WOMEN CHANGING THE LOOK OF MOTO Lately, women across the globe are breaking into the male-dominated world of adventure riding faster than Marc Márquez on his best day, and the ladies of the 2018 BMW Motorrad Interna onal GS Trophy Female Teams have been se ng the motorcycling world on fi re with their grit and skill. Ba ling rain and shine through mind- boggling skills challenges in sand and mud, along teeter to ers and 40 foot lengths of telephone poles, up hills, around in circles, and at every pace, Jocelin Snow and Be na Nedel accumulated enough points in the USA’s qualifying rounds to compete in the interna onal qualifi ers held in South Africa this past November. There, they represented the USA as Jocelin Snow they competed against 23 other ladies from around the world to claim two of six spots on two interna onal female teams and are headed to Mongolia in June of 2018 for the sixth BMW Motorrad Interna onal GS Trophy compe on. Jocelin has been riding motorcycles in the dirt and on the street for over 30 years, a er using money saved from her paper route to purchase her fi rst bike. Growing up in Maine, she was one of only a few other females in the state who rode. It wasn’t long before she began racing compe vely in the AMA 250GP class where she again found herself among only a handful of women. She was a natural on the track but was eventually involved in several crashes that le her with more broken body parts than she can remember. She spent me in a wheelchair and was advised to amputate a par ally-severed fi nger (she didn’t and chose instead to have it fused in a manner that would allow her to close her hand around a dirt bike grip that she just happened to have in her car.) At one point, a doctor told her that she would never ride again. Jocelin’s response: challenge accepted! She soon healed enough to rediscover her love of riding and racing. Through the years, she’s been heavily involved in the motorcycling industry; from running her own dirt riding school, to serving as a crew chief and lead mechanic for a pro racing team, to assis ng Alpinestars in the development of womens’ race gloves and off - road boots. At just over 5 feet tall, Jocelin has been subjected to plenty of size discrimina on when it comes 34 Jocelin Snow and Be na Nedel USA’s 2018 BMW Motorrad Interna onal GS Trophy Female Team Members to motorcycling. Jocelin’s inspira on to compete for a spot on the Interna onal GS Trophy Female Team in 2018 was borne from her desire to show women that “size doesn’t ma er” when it comes to riding motorcycles, credi ng her success in the qualifi ers to persistence and daily prac ce. Be na has been a street rider since 1992 but has only been riding dirt for three years. Her passion for the ADV life started in 2014 a er she purchased a Yamaha YZ250F and a ended a free skills clinic put on by the Colorado GS Girls. Soon a er, she needed surgery on her hamstring and was fi nally able to ride again the following July. At a rally during the summer of 2016, she set out to conquer Tincup Pass (one of the highest mountain roads in Colorado) with fi ve other women. On that day, she was introduced to the spirit of GS riding saying, “it was raw and real, and caught my a en on fully.” One of the riders that day was Caroline Stevenson from Canada who competed in the Interna onal GS Trophy Female Team Qualifi er in 2015. Caroline planted the seed for compe on in Be na’s mind, telling her she had the right stuff to be a Trophy compe tor. In June 2017, Be na fi nally found her GS and immediately started training so that she’d be ready for the na onal qualifi ers. Her never-give-up a tude kept her going a er a crash during the fi nal challenge in California with enough points to compete in the interna onal qualifi ers. Both women noted a strong community of welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable, giving and nurturing women throughout the qualifi ca on process. Jocelin said, “every single woman cheered the others on the whole me, even though we were all compe ng against each other.” Adds Be na, “Women need to know that the sky is the limit. We belong here. Be na Nedel The mind is the only thing holding us back.” Be sure to follow these inspiring ladies in the Interna onal GS Trophy Female Team compe on in June of 2018! By: Jill Dunphy