Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 6 - January 2018 - Page 31

Black Brand Roxxy Jacket, size small on 5'4", 125-lb model. One Two Lash Mascara — the bane of my makeup existence for years. The natural stuff fl akes into my eyes and even the waterproof not-so-natural stuff smudges in the summer me. Just when I thought the raccoon look would be my riding norm, I found One Two Lash (onetwocosme, a female-owned beauty startup specializing in magne c lashes. I ordered a set immediately and despite having two hands with all thumbs, I was lashed up and on two wheels in no me. When I ini ally ordered, only the half-lash style was available. I fi rst purchased the Original Lash but found it to be a li le too bold for my taste, so I then grabbed the Accent Lash, which I love to bits. The Accent Lash is natural and fl a ering without the need to add mascara. And now, One Two Lash off ers a full-length lash that I'm super-anxious to test out (they are already on order.) My fi rst concern was if the lashes would stay in place between helmet ons and off s. Further, since riding with all vents open is a must (unless raining), I was worried windage would whip the lashes off of my face en rely. To date, I've spent roughly 750 miles riding with my lashes on and for the most part, they remain in place — they slid down a bit in the beginning when I wasn't as seasoned at slapping them on. However, I defi nitely give them a 10 out of 10. They look fabulous on and have allowed me to ditch the mascara for good. By: Jessica Van den Ancker, 31