Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 6 - January 2018 - Page 26

Ride the One You're With One of my favorite things about taking to the back roads on my Harley is the fact that you never quite know what the road ahead is going to look like. Some routes are planned, while others take you places you weren’t exactly prepared to go. Such was the case when my friend and I decided to escape the cool and rainy Pacifi c Northwest for the mild, sunny weather of Southern Spain. Deciding to do a li le riding while we were there seemed like a no-brainer. Next me I’m going to use a li le more brain. I tried to do my due diligence and before we le , I researched places in and around Seville that might rent bikes. The cheapest and easiest op on for a quick day trip was actually to rent a small street bike or moped. Not quite the same as the big-twin Harleys we were used to, but, hey, some mes if you can’t ride the one you want, you just go a ride the one you’re with. We wanted to visit the white hill towns outside of Seville, which are quaint and picturesque, and you can't get there by train, so ren ng a car or a bike is really your best bet. I found a couple of shops online and picked the one that seemed to fi t our needs. Their website wasn’t in English, and in hindsight, that probably should have been my fi rst clue. I’ve spent me in Spain before, and it’s the only country I’ve ever been to in Europe where English is not widely spoken by the locals, like, at all. However, being the eternal op mist that I am, I decided to just wing it. So, I did. Wing it, that is. Turns out, a lot of interes ng things happen on the fl y. We decided to stop in to Alikmoto in Seville the day 26 before we wanted to rent. I asked a lot of ques ons, and although the owner, Sergio, didn’t speak English at all, h H\\HXK[]H[وB[]H[^H[Z]Y[X[و[\ H\BXH[][X]HZ\H[ ^HۛHYۙBY]ZH]Z[XH8$HۙHБLK]^HYH]Y[Y] [Y H][YH LX[܋^H \Y[ YXH[Y][YY[H[[ X\ۛH ]\܈ \ X] T K\Y[YY[ܙH[X\ۘXK[H[[[[YH]YHܝوYYH\\[K܂X^H]H\HۙH\[\[YHY[H\Y\ˈH[]\[[[YYHXH^[ܛ[]HHY[^ܚ[˂^HY[[H[X\; ][H[\Y[H]Kۛ[]H[]HH]܈\[[\[Y]H^HH\B\Y[H]\ˈ]YKH]H[Yܘ]Y