Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 6 - January 2018 - Page 23

and respec ng the design DNA and spirit of adventure that is engrained within the brand. I regularly a end dealer shows to help direct style. I also pay a en on to what HDMC is doing with bikes and accessories, whether that’s metal fi nishes, textures on new parts like hand grips, new logos and logo placement on their products. All of this allows me to create a line that is cohesive with HDMC. PA R A M E T E R S When designing performance footwear, we fi rst think about who will be wearing the boot and what sort of riding they will be doing. From there, we decide what performance and safety features are needed and following that, we work on styling to determine if the look should be tough and edgy, sleek and urban, feature loud branding or subtler logo placement. We think of our customer, their needs and wants fi rst, then the safety features that make the footwear performance ready and fi nally design and style that fi t within the brand parameters and Harley-Davidson-style DNA. Are you typically given a design brief before you start to create? T R E N D S T O F O L LO W Our design process starts with a crea ve brief to outline what type of boot is needed (casual vs. performance) and the type of customer we’re trying to connect with. Do you pay a en on to fashion trends? Are you selec ve on which trends you pay a en on to? What is your selec on criteria? Harley has two dis nct lines of women's boots: Performance and Casual. What are the diff erences between the two lines? Is the design process diff erent for Performance vs. Casual boots? As a designer, it is important to pay a en on to fashion trends. Seasonally, I will look at catwalks and follow infl uencers for inspira on and then fi lter through and determine if trends are relevant to a Harley customer in par cular. For example, some materials are not prac cal on the bike (example: the brocade or velvet fabrics that we are seeing this season.) We also look at color trends. While the majority of our leather boots are in a da &W 6"FRW"67VƖRbfGvV"w2W2F6'&FR6W'FG&VG2BFB2b6"vP2&Vr&VWfBFFR&W7W7FW"W&f&6RfGvV"2FrFB6&Rv&FR&RfGvV"FBR6&FRBG'W7BF@B2FRfVGW&W2VVFVBF&fFRFR&W7B6fWGBW&f&6RW"67VƖR667G2b&R 7B&Fr7GW2&G2B6W2FB6V7BvFFRB7W7FW""VF6VRv@&FR&R'WB2rf"fGvV"FB2FB7GPBfVVFRFW6v&6W7226ƖvFǒFW&VBf"W&f&6PB67VfGvV"&F'6WFVǒ6VFRfpvBv&rvVFvRbFR7W7FW.( 2VVG0BvG3vWfW"W&f&6RfGvV"v0&Vv2vFF涖r&WB6fWGfVGW&W2BFPWfVb&FV2FBv&R&VWfBf"FR&BW"FRV6W76'W&f&6RfVGW&W2&RFV6FV@WFW6vBW7FR72v&&VBFB7GR0'FB'WBBv27F'G2vF6fWGW&f&6P&G2&RG6ǒ&BVfW"&RGW&&RB&P&FV2fRF67V7GW2&RFW&RFVW2RV6RW"v&v2G'FF&WBFRVVVW72bFP7W7FW"&WFfG67W7FW'2&Rg&VR7&FVB&V&VƖW2FfGV2BvRV6RF6RFVW0W"67V&G2B6W2rW2FvFG&VG2B&RVFf67GƖrvP27FrG'VRFFB6vGW&RBVFvRFBW 7W7FW'2f"67V7GW2&RƖvFW"&Pf6G&fVBWfV6VFR6F2B6VW'2v6&RF^FVǒB7VF&RF&FRDU4t5DU0vB&RFR7FW2FW6vr&BVBf &Ww2W&f&6RƖS#0