Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 6 - January 2018 - Page 14

DIY Tie-dye Riding can be a sublime juxtaposi on of heightened awareness and complete calm. Feeling the motor’s warmth, seeing light play through trees onto the road, knowing the pa ern of approaching a curve yet always ready for the unknown. If you resonate with that bliss, then you’ll dig e-dye, too! Plan your colors, e a pa ern that feels groovy and let the color play rev your crea ve engine! As the season changes, a svelte wool or silk scarf will keep you warm while riding. You could even e-dye silk, wool and co on base layers! If you’re indoors reminiscing about sunny cruises, channel the memories into an inspiring color pale e for a cozy sweatshirt or beanie (tuque for the Canadians!) When those blue-turquoise mountains or golden-orange sunsets are calling your name, get lost in the swirls and fl uidity of the dye process – just like those mountain curves. While you’re at it, dye some fun bandanas or tees for next summer! Visit for all supplies, including “dyeable” garments, scarves and e-dye kits. Blick, Utrecht and your local art stores are good resources, too. Step 1) Machine wash garments with Synthrapol detergent and prep your work surface with tarp or newspaper. Step 2) Soak garments in Soda Ash solu on for 15 minutes. Wear dust mask and gloves while you s r, and dissolve the chemicals in warm water. Step 3) Mix dye! Check the instruc ons on your dye; Shopping List: Garments, scarves, fabric made of co on, silk, wool Fiber Reac ve Procion® Dyes; Dharma or Jaquard brand Synthrapol detergent Op onal: Soda Ash (Soda Ash is dye fi xer.) Op onal: Urea dye chemicals (Urea will ensure even mixing of the dye.) Dust mask; I recommend eye protec on, too Rubber gloves Rubber bands Plas c bag/plas c wrap (1 per item) Tarp/drop cloth/newspaper Squeeze bo les (1 per color) Bucket or old kitchen pot Rags for spills Recipe for 2 shirts: Water = 1 cup Dye Powder = 2 tsp Urea = 1 Tbsp Soda Ash Co on = 1 gallon water to 1 cup Soda Ash Silk/Wool = 1 gallon water to ½ cup Soda Ash Synthrapol = 2 Tbsp per “small” washer load 14 some colors such as red require extra dye powder. Urea is op onal. Wear dust mask and gloves. First, add a li le water to make a paste with the powder. You can mix it in the squirt bo le. Once the dye/chemical powders are dissolved in water, you can remove the dust mask. Wear gloves. Step 4) Tie garments with rubber bands. Wear gloves and wring out excess soaking solu on fi rst. You want a damp garment. Experiment with tying – here are 3 sugges ons: Spirals Lay garment fl at. At armpit level/design center, pinch fabric and hold with your right hand. Rotate clockwise with your right hand; with your le hand, feed the fabric into the spiral. You’ll have a fl at disc. Tie loosely with 3 rubber bands. Apply dye to side 1, fl ip, dye side 2. Apply 3 colors in even sec ons for a pie spiral Apply color 1 to an en re side, fl ip, apply color 2 to the other side for a bi-color Apply dye in random splotches on both sides or in concentric circles for a “bull’s-eye”