Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 6 - January 2018 - Page 10

Life of a Motorcycle Jacket Part 2 of 8 Flying Like a Bird Soon, I learned she was just as in love with me as again. This me, when we landed, we did follow the exit I was with her. Her name was Chantal. We were the signs. Chantal handed her passport over to a friendly perfect couple. In summer, we ran off together traveling through half of Europe on a Duca Monster 620. I was her everything. I kept her warm, dry, safe, and we looked hot together! But a er that summer, Chantal acted weird. Did I do something wrong? She packed a lot of things; I thought she was going to leave me. But nothing was further from the truth. We le home and arrived at a place where the airplanes weren’t in the air but on the ground. Soon, we were si ng in one, and I could see the world grow smaller, the other bike riders with their jackets like li le ants on the highway beneath us. This plane thing is fun, but where are we going? First, we landed in Korea where I was Chantal’s blanket during a 12-hour stop over. Then, we went up into the air 10 woman who asked her a few ques ons before sta ng: “Welcome to New Zealand.” The next two months were amazing. We rode from the top to the bo om of New Zealand on a 31-year-old Suzuki GS550. We camped, we met people, we even hiked mountains. The bike broke down many mes. Eventually, we had to sell it and part with it. But Chantal and I stayed together; we were inseparable and hungry for our next adventure. To be con nued in the next issue of Modern Moto ... By: Chantal Simons Author of She'll Be Right! Tales and Thoughts of a Woman's Motorcycle Adventure Down Under Available on