Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 5 - November 2017 - Page 15

Promo photo from REV'IT! Product photo on Ali Express™ copyright laws are diffi cult to enforce. Once we are aware of such an incident, we Uglybros gave me the right of agency. request the off ending party to remove the Who is the power of a orney from? What does it say? images immediately or to stop promo ng a 100% is genuine, I have the power of a orney. fake product. If this is not ac oned Hi, if the jacket does not fi t, do you accept returns? within a period of me Do you have the "Guaran ed Genuine" protec on? (it varies from country to country) we follow We went right back to uglyBROS USA with this this up legally and informa on. This me receiving an email back from Mr. locally (in the off ending country) in coopera on with Mancia. our trademark agency in the Netherlands. Thanks for le ng me know. I will no fy the proper authori es. We never give any of our offi cial dealers the right to sell our product on Ali Express, eBay, or any other online auc on site as this is against our policy. We have not given anyone in China power of a orney or the right to use our logo on Ali Express or any other online auc on site. Next, it was me to contact REV’IT!. They were unaware of this situa on and were quick to jump on the issue. Here is the email we received from Peter Hayden, Global Marke ng Director of REV'IT! Sport Interna onal B.V. Unfortunately, this abuse of IP (Intellectual Property) occurs frequently in some Asian countries where As for this par cular IP issue: It is clear that they literally use our pictures. They then paste another brand onto our product. We never give power to a orney to any other en ty in rela on to our images or designs. We retain the copyright to our images to all our designs and model rights for those appearing in those images. This incident is breaking the law in mul ple ways. It is fraud and breach of copyright. We will address it as stated above. Our advice to customers interested in REV’IT! is to only buy from a reputable dealer (if you have doubts, please contact REV’IT! directly via our offi ce numbers 15