Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 4 - September 2017 - Page 7

slows down that most of us have an issue. Slowing life down takes more control. More concentra on. More awareness. Trust me, that confi dence is the sexiest thing you’ll ever put on under your riding gear. The reality is, if you don't prac ce balance, you'll always feel nervous when life slows down. You'll always wonder if you're going to p over or stall out. Muscle memory will kick in a er a while, but it’s kind of like prac cing your scales on the piano. You have to want it enough to sit your bu down and put in the eff ort to learn a new skill. Life is hard some mes. No one likes to ride in the rain, and accidents happen, but a well-seasoned rider is ready for anything, even bad weather. Building confi dence takes me, but it all becomes worth it when the thing you used to fear becomes the thing that sets you free. You have to decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it. Most of us hate the slow turns of life — the painful transi ons that come with new jobs, new rela onships, inevitable injuries and health issues. We’re always itching to pull the thro le so we can go fast again, feel the wind in our hair and let the road swallow our troubles. But the reward is real, too. There’s nothing quite like the confi dence that comes from mastering that machine. The fric on zone becomes your happy place. Balance comes easily. And you get to sit back and enjoy the ride! Photos and words by Lynda Meyers, author and trauma nurse who suff ers from an extreme case of wanderlust. Createdtofl 7