Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 4 - September 2017 - Page 6

Ah, the ‘fric on zone’ — that illusive sweet spot between the clutch and the thro le, your le and your right hand, smack dab in the middle of stalling the bike and keeping it upright. Instructors call this “the fric on zone” and it’s similar to learning to drive a car with a manual transmission, except the clutch, gas and shi control are in diff erent places. were hard on me, but I needed to learn to trust in my own abili es. It was a lot to remember, and it all had to happen at the same me. I know some of you have been riding since you were old enough to mount a dirt bike, but I got kind of a FP7F'B6FVF'6VVB672bFR&W0vW&R#S62BFRRVVBF&R76vVBv0v6Bv2V7VVvFFR6R@BvsBv2FR7F"rB7FrBfpF&Vv6rGW&2Br7VVG2FB&VǒvBR&VV&W"rWG&vFRGW&27&76rFƖW2vFW&rb( BWfW"vWBFRrbB'W@WN( 2f6RBvrVRw&RvBGW&6GV&rVg&R2BFRRF&RvFW&r`R6VWB&WGvVVFRƖW2Bv2&FW"FऒFVvBBFW&RvW&RW2F&VvWBFR670FB&VǒvFVBFVBFRg&2R2&WBR6G&V&rFVWW"&RW&vB2BƖRVWpW"ƖfRW&vBR6( Bf7W2FV6FR&@VFW&VFRRfRFVWW"WW2W@VBFvW&R^( &RvrWB66R&66VFW"W"vVvBVFFR7W'fW27FVGW 7VVB&RF&RV6RFR6WF67BR66G&&RBvv7VVG2'WBFRr7VVBGW&2&R&WB6G&vVv@F7G&'RFRFRVRrBFvWFW FW26RvRrW6VBFB'7BN( 2V7F&RF֖BvfRFR&RFV6F&RBN( W&&vBWBbW"w&7'WBvpF6r6&RW7B266'W"'7B27B2FW@W"fBFv'WBFN( 2&B&BFB7F'G2vFfV"BVG2vFFR72bƖ"FR7G'V7F'0`N( 2V7F7F'BFV"rW'6Vb'WBRfRFW6F&VvFRfV"bRvBF'&VF&VvFg&VVFFR7G'VvvR2&VN( 2&Rf"&6Rख6Rv2B6VV2V6W"FBW"&6R@v7VVG2vVRw&Rrr&RBc6FW7FVBW2&rFW&V6RBw2vVƖfP