Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 4 - September 2017 - Page 30

Kaci Berry with her 2002 Duca Monster 620 ie wearing her DIY blinged-out BiLT Apollo Modular Helmet and BiLT Halle Women's Jacket. Her gloves are Alpinestars SP-3 Photographer: Kalyn Cavalier, You may have spo ed Kaci Berry and her pink Duca Diva recently making the rounds on social media. Biker Girl Bling featured the unique paint scheme and customiza ons of Kaci’s Duca Monster and blinged-out BiLT modular helmet. MotoChic selected Kaci to share her story and experiences with its new Lauren Sport backpack as part of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bag. It all started because Kaci wanted her bike to refl ect her personality and style. Why Customize? Expression of personal style contributes to how we iden fy, unite and celebrate each other’s diff erences. For motorcyclists, style starts with choice of bike and the type of rider you want to become. Everything from re choice, performance modifi ca ons, paint color and riding gear refl ects who you are and how you ride. If you are low key, your bike will refl ect that. Are you a speed demon? Do you really dig studs and skulls? Well, if you customize, we will know more about you when we see your bike. In fact, even if you don’t, it s ll tells a story. Anyone who rides will tell you each bike has a personality of its own. Customiza on allows you to express the personality of you and the bike together, as a team. That’s a huge part of the beauty and fun of owning a motorcycle. The machine s ll gets you there, no ma er what color it is or what kind of seat you have, but why not have the machine complement the rider? Personally, I want my bike to refl ect me. When people see my bike, I want them to know it’s mine. It’s personal and represents my style. Customiza on does not necessarily require complete redo of paint and all the shiny bits, and it certainly doesn’t require Diva pink, bling or leopard like mine. But it does mean refl ec ng what your tastes are, celebra ng your style and enjoying the process. 30 - Kaci Berry Duca