Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 4 - September 2017 - Page 25

2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000 everywhere, including weekend trips to the mountains to hit real curves. Groups or solo, Ayanna is happy just to be riding. Curvy Riderz Gear is important to Ayanna because she feels the fashion choices for women, especially curvy women, are so limited. Women are real riders and they need real gear that looks good, and that does not mean adding a splash of pink. Describe your line of motorcycle gear, its design aesthe c and safety features. We make our sizes diff erently than other jackets on the market. We off er standard American sizes from S – 4XL. Standard, for us, means, if you wear a large, then you need a large. There is no need to go up a size as with most other motorcycle gear. Our jackets are designed to fi t the curves of women in all sizes. We use the standard CE approved armor in all of our jackets to protect the shoulders, elbows and back. How do your riding experiences aff ect design? Being a female rider in a male-dominated world, my desire is to be fashionable and safe. I design my jackets with that reason in mind so that women are both sexy and safe while riding. Safety and style are my top priori es. Regardless of how fashionable it may be, if the jacket is not safe, then, it is not worn. I MUST feel sexy and safe in the jacket. What have been some market challenges for created women’s moto gear? The biggest challenge is crea ng the jacket in diff erent colors. When women want a jacket that will match their bike and it’s a way off color, then it’s hard to reproduce in leather. I guess what the guys say is true: it’s not easy to please women. What’s next for your company and your products? Do you want to grow or change anything? My vision is for Curvy Riderz Gear to be a household name for bikers. I’ll also be crea ng new designs. I really hate to see women in jackets designed by men that are not very fashionable. Women must know they can s ll look like a lady in a man’s world. See more at How long have you been designing moto-gear? I started my line in 2012. Why did you start? As a plus-size woman, my jacket op ons were limited. I literally wore a man’s jacket to ensure the proper fi t. I HATED that. What/who are your fashion inspira ons? Do you have any motorcycle inspira ons? I have an admira on for women such as Queen La fah and Ashely Graham. They are plus-size women who are always fashionable, sexy and exuding confi dence. In basic terms, describe the design and manufacturing process? I sketch my designs and create them with my design so ware. The designs are then passed on to my manufacturing company with the specifi c details for each design. They create a sample, and we go through a review process. Once I’m sa sfi ed, the design becomes reality, and the rest is history. When crea ng a new moto-gear design, what is the top priority? 25