Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 4 - September 2017 - Page 21

Leather patches inside the knee area help with bike grip. Overall, the KLiM Al tude ladies’ suit worked well for a variety of riding styles and weather condi ons without the need to pull over and add or remove a waterproof layer. The minor inconveniences will hopefully be addressed when designing the next genera on of this suit. The jacket retails for $599 and the pants for $499. They are available at - Jill Dunphy, Photographer: Mike Dunphy FUNCTION: The Al tude proved waterproof in heavy rain (although I didn’t get it up to highway speeds where others have noted leakage through the lower leg area), through stream crossings and during a li le stroll in the Lake Erie de. Since thermal liners are not included with this suit, layers or a heated vest were a must when riding at highway speed in temperatures below 55 degrees Fahernheit. The vents are placed to maximize air fl ow across the core, upper arms and thighs, allowing for the most comfortable hot weather riding of any suit I’ve worn. There were enough internal pockets in the jacket that I eventually forgot about the lack of pant pockets. Because the cinching collar cord lock is located at the back of the neck, it got tangled in my hair unless I was wearing a neck scarf. The leather thigh panels really assisted with b ike grip and stability during my off -road adventures. The most impressive feature was the D3O protec ve armor, which was comfortable on even the longest rides and especially in the knees where I typically suff er the most. 21